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Re: 13 Years In, Over 7976 To Go

8/2/10 (American Style)
11 Bad Things

Brain Damage interrupted the pre-show proceedings to cut a promo about Sherman Tank while smashing light tubes over his head. He’s more hardcore than Mick Foley. He was going to smash the final tube onto his head but he decided to save it for Sherman Tank.

Green Ant said it was his honor to open up the first ever Super Special Awesome Wrestling event.

Green Ant d. Acid Jaz in 47 seconds when he submitted to the Cloverleaf.

RV1 is backstage he was pretending to smoke something but there is clearly nothing there. RV1 says he’s a fighter and is prepared to bring the fight whenever he can!

“The Badbutt” RV1 d. “Bladez” Jason Blade when he hit The Badbutt Spin Kick (Spin Kick).

Sherman Tank says that Brain Damage takes a mean game and then says the cliché that usually goes with that. Tank says he will Tank Out Brain Damage. Get it?

Sherman Tank d. Brain Damage when a light tube shot aimed at Sherman instead hit the referee allowing Sherman to hit the Tank Out (Double Closeline).

Rip Impact says he won a tournament in Brazil to be here today, so he will no doubt walk out with the greatest championship in SSAW. THE SSAW BACKYARD WARRIOR CHAMPIONSHIP. He says he’d kill for any belt.

Rip Impact d. Frightmare via cheating to win the vacant SSAW Backyard Warrior Championship and become the inaugural champion. Impact hightails it up the ramp before Frightmare can get his hands on him.

SSAW Backyard Warrior Championship
--Rip Impact © d. RV1 (Eye Poke) 9/11/10
--Rip Impact © d. Konrad (Low Blow) 10/3/10
--Rip Impact © d. Frightmare (Spear Into Exposed Turnbuckle) (afterwards Impact ran him over with a lawn mower) Match 3 of a Best of Five Series 1/2/11
--Impressed by that edgy spot WWE signed both Rip Impact and Frightmare vacating the Backyard Warrior Championship January 2011
--Kyle O’Reilly d. Jason Blade, Retail Dragon, and Earl Huff to win the vacant championship (Shipload of Kicks) 2/14/11
--Kyle O’Reilly © d. Green Ant (Brainbuster followed by REALLY HARD KICK) 3/6/11
--Kyle O’Reilly © d. Deranged (ROLLING KNEE STRIKE) 4/30/11
--Kyle O’Reilly © d. RV1 (Rollup) 5/1/11
--Kyle O’Reilly © d. Chucky Blaze (Super German Suplex) 6/5/11
--Kyle O’Reilly © d. Arik Cannon (Stylez accidently hit Cannon with a Frying Pan) 7/3/11

8/7/11 (American Style)
Super One Year Spectacular

Supa Cito Kid came out from the back before the lights came out he said he was Supa excited to open the show in a six man tag in a bit.

Iain Morris came out of the back too and joined Supa Cito Kid, they chatted about their favorite movies released in 2004. Supa Cito Kid said his favorite movie was Iron Jawed Angels, Morris agreed with him he thought the contrived romantic plot with Patrick Dempsey was completely necessary.

Iain Morris, Supa Cito Kid and Retail Dragon d. Brian Fury, Earl Huff, and Shawn Stylez when Morris and Supa Cito hit Shawn Style with the Iron Jawed Angel Kick (Double Yakuza Kick)

Michael Avery came out from the back with handcuffs and a microphone. He called Zack Sabre Jr. an illegal immigrant and threatened to put him under arrest unless he faces him next! Junior entered and accepted the challenge.

Michael Avery d. Zack Sabre Jr. when he hit Deported (ROLLING ELBOW), Avery put the cuffs on him but Junior was able to use the force to escape the cuffs. He had just watched Attack of The Clones the day before.

Deranged appeared backstage, he noted that next he will face Green Ant in an Ironman Match, he also said he isn’t a Plessy v. Ferguson who plays by rules, he uses weapons, he’s like Mick Foley, then he crushed a light tube on his head. He took another light tube and said that on is for Green Ant.

Green Ant d. Deranged in a 45-Minute Ironman Match (Twist on the normal rules) 11 falls to 9 falls. Ant won most of his with the Cloverleaf, Deranged with Light tube shots.

Everyone thought that was the main event then a pane of glass on the ramp was shattered by Sherman Tank making his SSAW return. He said that management has decided to give him a title match tonight since the original match fell through when WWE’s CM Punk got hit by a car. The fans that paid to see Punk were pretty sad.

Sherman Tank d. Kyle O’Reilly © when Shawn Stylez distracted O’Reilly allowing Sherman Tank to hit a Triple PowerTank (Triple Powerbomb) to get the win and become the new SSAW Backyard Warrior Champion.

SSAW Backyard Warrior Championship
--Sherman Tank © d. RV1 (Triple PowerTank) 9/11/11
--Sherman Tank © d. Green Ant (Three Spears) 10/2/11
--Sherman Tank © d. Kyle O’Reilly (BearTANK (Bearhug)) 11/6/11
--Sherman Tank got hit by a car and was forced to vacate the belt November 2011
--Deranged d. Kyle O’Reilly (Light Tube To The Stomach) in the finals of a tournament to win the vacant championship 2/14/12
--Deranged © d. Brain Damage (Light Tube Bodyslam) 3/4/12
--Deranged © d. Matt Vaughn (Light Tube Chair Shot) 4/1/12
--Deranged © d. Brain Damage (2 Light Tube Bodyslams) 6/3/12
--Deranged © d. Arik Cannon (Pizza Cutter To The Neck (RKO)) 7/1/12

8/5/12 (American Style)
Super 2 Year Spectacular

Retail Dragon d. Moohamad in the dark match when hit a DDT.

Brain Damage cut a promo on STIGMA, he said that he is a real wrestler and he fights like one so he better watch out or he’ll end up with brain damage. Get it?

Brain Damage d. STIGMA with 5 DDTs and a light tube shot when the referee’s back was turned. STIGMA watched out and avoided brain damage this time, but next time if he fails to watch out then he might get it.

Sherman Tank entered the arena with a microphone and said that getting hit by a car really hurt his body and has taken its tool. Tank says with the injury it is really hard to wrestle somebody but that he is willing to fight through it for one last match!

Sherman Tank d. Green Ant with the Tank Out (Double Closeline) afterwards Tank and Green Ant hugged and all the good guys came out and they had a retirement boogie. They all did the Thriller dance since Michael Jackson is dead.

Shawn Stylez came out and crashed the party; he said matches are going to start happening now so they better all go to the back. Sherman Tank told Stylez to come into the ring after all his friends left. Tank hit Stylez with a Triple PowerTank (Triple Powerbomb).

Helios d. Eric Porter with a Double Rotation Moonsault for a three. That move was really cool.

Deranged came out from the back and said that since Kyle O’Reilly’s contract was stolen by evil pirates and sold to the WWE he couldn’t cash in his title shot tonight. He went on to say that this was his plan all along and that the evil pirates that kidnapped O’Reilly were his crewmembers and he was the Captain! He announced a swashbuckler’s open challenge will main event the show next. Deranged has evolved, he is now “Swashbuckling” Captain Deranged!

Captain Deranged © d. Andrew Alexander when he hit a Piratebomb (Powerbomb) to retain the SSAW Backyard Warrior Championship! Deranged picked up Alexander and move thieves him hitting him with a Great Slam (Bodyslam) but onto a board! Then he spits on him!

SSAW Backyard Warrior Championship
--Green Ant d. Captain Deranged ©, Eric Porter and Helios (Cloverleaf to Porter) 9/11/12
--Green Ant © d. Pinkie Sanchez (Rollup) 10/7/12
--Green Ant © d. Sabian (Antdriver (Piledriver)) 11/4/12
--After the match Sabian kicked Green Ant really hard in the head taking him out of action for some time and vacating the championship November 2012
--Helios d. Eric Porter, Fire Ant, and Soldier Ant (Double Rotation Moonsault on Porter) to win the vacant championship 12/21/12
--Helios d. Eric Porter (Middle Rope Phoenix Splash) 1/6/13
--Helios says he wanted to do something special for his girlfriend so he is choosing to vacate the title in order to spend time with her on Valentine’s Day February 2013
--Soldier Ant d. Brandon Van Danielson, Jaysin Strife, and Zack Sabre Jr. (Antdriver to Van Danielson (Piledriver)) to win the vacant championship 2/14/13
--Soldier Ant © d. Green Ant (Cloverleaf) 4/7/13
--Soldier Ant © d. Atomic Boy (Antdiver (Piledriver)) 7/7/13

SSAW Double Bed Warrior Championship
--Kyle Matthews and Dusty Adonis d. Soldier Ant and Fire Ant (Adonis hits ROLLING ELBOW to Soldier Ant; Fire Ant watched him get pinned) in the finals of a tournament to win the vacant championship 6/2/13
--Kyle Matthews © and Dusty Adonis © d. Eddie Kingston and Brain Damage (Matthews his a Low Blow to Eddie Kingston) 7/7/13
--Kyle Matthews crashed his car into a tree but it was little one so he only got injured forcing them to vacate the titles July 2013
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