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Hey everyone here is installment 6 of WWE Upspring hope you all like it.

I'm Back hits out comes Eric Bischoff

Eric: Welcome everyone to WWE Upspring!!!!! Just to let all you know i have got 3 BIG HUGE surprises for tonight. Start the show!

Music Hits
Pyro Blows

JR: Well King welcome to WWE Upspring.
King: JR what an explosive show we have right here tonight oooh i can't wait.
JR: Yes of course the Dudley Boyz will go after the WWE World Tag Titles.
King: And thats not all we will see HBK & Kane take on Kevin Nash and Triple H in the Main Event.
JR: King lets Taker down to ringside.

Match 1.
Intercontinental Title
Spanky vs Jeff Hardy (Rematch from last week)

Same match as last time, tons of innovative high-fyling moves. The end comes when Spanky goes for the Reverse Dudley Dog Shannon Moore flips him over then distracts the ref, then Matt Hardy runs down hits the Side Effect allowing Jeff to get the 1-2-3.

Winner new I.C Champ: Jeff Hardy


We come back and Terri is interveiwing Matt Jeff and Shannon

Terri: Well as it seems the Hardy Bo...
Matt: We ain't the Hardy Boyz
Together: WERE VERSION 1!!!!!!
-They all do the version 1 sign-

Match 2.
Hurricane vs. Randy Orton

The match progresses and gets better and better by every move, with Hurricane in control until Batista runs in but he hits Orton, then Hurricane hits Batista with the Eye-Of The-Hurricane then hits Orton with the Shining-Wizard 1-2-3.

Winner: The Hurricane


We come back and Lance Storm and Regal are already in the ring.

PYRO goes Bombshell plays
Match 3.
World Tag Team Title
Dudley Boyz vs. Lance Storm and William Regal (C)

Action Packed match that all goes well until...... DEADMAN WALKING hits its the UNDERTAKER (Although you probally guessed that when i said "lets Taker down to ringside")

Taker gets in the ring grabs the mic and procliams that the match is over Regal and Storm agree and leave but the Dudleys are angry so the Undertaker beats them down. Taker then talks about why he left Smackdown because he hates the McMahons. Then Apocolyips comes down to the ring and and starts bad mouthing Undertaker then they start to beat him until Austin makes the save. Undertaker didn't appereciate it so he chockslamed Austing for his trouble.


I'm Back hits and here comes The Bisch.

Eric: I am here to unveil my third surprise to all of you. So here he is the one the only.....Brother Love!!!!!!!!!!

Eric: No i'm just kidding had you going though. No here he is the man, the myth, the ledgen he had an undeafted streak of 186-0 here he is GOLDBERG!!!!!!!
-Crowd roars-

Goldberg: WHO"S FIRST??

Austins Music hits and the Rattlesnake comes down to the ring.
Austin: What? whos first what? you wanna fight someone what? i'll fight ya.

Eric: What?
Austin: What? I said i would fight him what?

-At this point Goldberg had heard enough and went after Austin but Austin moves and WHAM Stunner.-

Austin Drinks some cold ones and leaves.

Eric: If you want to fight so bad Austin how about you and Goldberg at WRESTLEMANIA!

-Crowd cheers-


Main Event
HBK & Kane vs Kevin Nash & Triple H

High impact moves in this one with lots of interference from apocolyips but HBK & Kane manage to keep going but in the end it proves to be to storng of a factor and they lose after Kane is hit with a Pedegree 1-2-3.

Winners: Kevin Nash & Triple H


Well thats it for me. Just a reminder that if you want to send suggestions and requests on what should happen on my upcoming posts, and who i should add to the show email me at big_evil_red_devil88@hotmail.com

Later Dayz
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