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Re: Power Rangers

I loved the series...but I stopped watching it on a regular basis after PRIS. I just hated the fact they kept changing the cast and different Ranger powers every year or two it seemed. I liked it at 1st when you went a few seasons with the same cast and powers...or a slight upgrade in power but nothing major changed.

My favorite male ranger by far was Tommy. I loved the Green and White Rangers. Towards the end of his original run as Red Turbo Ranger....meh. I thought they made him Red Ranger as a way of "replacing" Jason...even though Rocky came in after Jason left. IMO Rocky should have stayed red, Adam blue and Tommy Black when they became the ZEO Rangers.

I liked Jason too, and actually preferred his Gold/Black Ranger run. I just think that ranger was far cooler looking then the original Red Ranger. Thought it sucked his run was so short though as Gold Ranger.

Fav female......no contest. Kimberly. Amy Jo Johnson was my wet dream. :P

PR was so fun to watch back in the day. So fun I even wrote my own fan fiction stories for all the original series..all the way to Lost Galaxy (last one from the actual TV series I used)...and created some of my own Ranger series...with some combination of other TV show/movies out there to go in a more serious/young adult format.

And yes, of course I made myself a Ranger in my stories. lol

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  • Edge Returns As GM Of Raw Or Smackdown- (Guest GM Doesn't Count)

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