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Hey everyone whats up this is the 5th WWE Upspring that i am posting hope all you like it so here it goes.

Upspring theme hits (Brawl for all theme, Its now the Upspring theme)

Pyro blows

JR: Welcome everyone to WWE Upspring. We have got a great show lined up for you tonight.

-We go to Bischoffs office-

Cheif of Staff Cheif Morley walks in.

Morley: You wanted to see me Mr. Bischoff?
Eric: Ya. Did you make this match with 3 Minute Warning against the Dudley Boyz in a table match?
Morley: Yes i did Mr. Bischoff, Oh and its a #1 contenders match to.
Eric: WHAT!!, Are you outta your mind thats the Dudley Boyz favorite match what am i going to do with you...
-Eric- Walks Away-


I'm Back hits
Eric: Morley get out here right now!!!
Morley: Yes sir
Eric I can't believe you you know what your fired get out of here right now.
Morley: But Mr. Bischoff pl...
Eric: You know what Sean I'm going to say that your 3 minutes of fame are up!
-3MW comes in looks at Sean Morley and then attack......ERIC BISCHOFF!!!!


Match 1.
Intercontinental Title Match
Jeff Hardy (c) vs. Spanky

Very fast paced match with tons of high flying action and brawling on the outside. The end comes when Spanky hit the reverse Dudley Dog on Jeff 1-2-3.

Winner And NEW WWE Intercontinental Champion: Spanky

After the match Jeff attacks Spanky and hits the SWANTON on him and leaves.


Match 2.
World Tag Team Title
Lance Storm & William Regal(c) vs. Mark Jindrak & Aaron Stevens

Not an exciting match. Just basic technical type match with no storyline. The end sees Storm pin Jindrak for the 1-2-3.

Winners and still Tag Team: Chapions Lance Storm and William Regal

After the match Regal knocks out Stevens with the KNUKS.


We see what happened earlier tonight with Bischoff and Morley.

Match 3.
Table Match for #1 Contendership for the Tag Team Titles next week.

Dudley Boyz vs. 3 Minute Warning

Dudleys brawl with 3MW to the back and when Storm and Regal interfere it back fires when Regal has the knuks swings them at Bubba but he ducks and Regal hits Jamal Bubba hits Regal then puts Jamal through a table.

Winners: Dudley Boyz


We come back and Eric Bischoff is telling security that he wants Morley outta the arena and then walks away.

Main Event

Batista vs. Kane

Bell rings Kane gets the upper hand but then Apocolyips comes down and beats down Kane.

Winner: Kane via dq

After the match the assault continues until.... Shawn Micheals makes the save.

JR & King hype next weeks tag title match.


Well thats it for today

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