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Re: 2012-2013 Discussion Thread for La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, etc

This Pep stuff is hilarious. Had it fucking tough, give me a fucking break. The man had pretty much the entire Spanish national team (Greatest and most successful national team ever assembled), the guts of it at least at his disposal. One of the best, if not the best player of all time and a boat load of other world class players. To say his job was “tough” is hilarious. A tough job is Portsmouth, a tough job is Plymouth. All the while he had virtually infinite resources to turn to which he often quite recklessly spent on players the team simply did not need – Cacares, Chygrynsky, Ibrahimovic, Alexis, Cesc – The majority of his signings have been awful. Overall yes he did a good job but people seriously overlook the favourable circumstances when they credit him with assembling the greatest team of all time. I know it’s not as simple as throwing players out and winning games, but tough? Give me a fucking break. He had it easier than 90% of the managers around. All the scrutiny, which he never really had because he was so loved anyways, doesn't change that.

Tito was doing a great job and I feel for him. Any criticism of him is absurd, he has such limited control as to what’s happening to them at the minute. I don’t think they’re tired or worn out, I think they’ve become a little complacent, became stale. I do think Tito would have done more to rectify this.

Originally Posted by Joel View Post
Messi's been out of form for about 2 months or so, but that does not mean he should be dethroned as the best in the world.

I can see your desperation for him to be (it's always been apparent), but no, he's not the best in the world. I'm sorry. Come back in 2 more months and if Messi is still not doing it, then we'll talk.
The WRONG one has arrived to anoint Ronaldo.

Seriously though, Messi’s been out of form for 2 months like you admit, Ronaldo hasn't really been out of form for over a year and a bit. The level he’s reached is staggering. He’s producing in nearly every big game there is. Even when the Madrid team has completely folded he’s produced. Probably a little far fetched to say he’s definitively surpassed Messi, but he’s at least on his level. Messi hasn't been at his best not only for the last 2 months, but in a lot of his last big games. The Classico’s last season, Milan last season, Chelsea last season, Milan, last night etc. He’s pretty much became what Ronaldo was always accused of being – A flat track bully accumulating goals against shite. It wont last, he’s too good for it and still young, although I do think he’s losing some explosiveness. Do I prefer Ronaldo? Damn right, doesn’t change that everything I’ve said is true.

Messi isn't constantly ripping the best teams apart like he was two years ago, he's not a better player now than he was in 2011. Ronaldo is producing in the big games - The Euro's, Bayern last year, United, the last 100 or whatever Classico's and has improved considerably as a player in that time.
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