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Re: Falling Skies Game Thread


After days of speculating and not really getting anywhere, certain members of town were getting really shitty. CamillePunk was one of these members. He was walking around town feeling invincible, when he saw something approaching him. CP laughed off the threat, and secured his jacket. He began to turn when he noticed a red triangular dot on his chest. He barely had time to react as a round of bullets sprayed into him, sending him to the ground. CamillePunk was:

Spoiler for CamillePunk:

Congratulations! You are Tom Mason, Resistance Aligned

You are the second in command of the 2nd Mass and protective father to your three sons. You are heavily involved in the lives of all those within the resistance, and have many skills. As a result, you are the Jack of all Trades. You have four abilities, and each one is 1-shot. You have an investigation; a track; a kill and a protection. Notify me when you would like to use these roles.

You win when all threats to the resistance have been eliminated.

PHENOM had felt quite safe, perhaps even gaining clarity and wisdom in a drunken state. He didn't celebrate the drunkenness for too long though, as he had his throat slit from behind. PHENOM was:

Spoiler for PHENOM:

Congratulations! You are Red-Eye, Invaders Aligned

You are the Silencer. You are able to use your presence to silence a player each night, and they will not be able to post during the next day phase.

You win when you outnumber the town and all other threats have been eliminated.

You may communicate with your team at this link:

The bloodbath was a little too much for Skyfall, as he decided to take refuge. The person he ducked behind looked at him with pity, before beheading him. Skyfall was:

Spoiler for Skyfall:

Congratulations! You are Matt Mason, Resistance Aligned

The youngest member of the Mason family, you are an impressionable kid who always likes to appear helpful, but whenever there is a scuffle, you are whisked away to safety. As a result, you are the Hider. Each night you may hide behind a player. If they are targetted for a kill, you will be killed as well. If you hide behind a mafia member, you will be killed.

You win when all threats to the resistance have been eliminated.

With blood spilled once more, perhaps the town could move forward, or fall deeper into despair.

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