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hey everybody whats up? here is installment 4 of WWE Upspring!!!

Brawl For All theme plays
Pyro goes
J.R and King welcome us to the show, and let us know that the main event will be Kevin Nash vs. Kane

I'm Back hits out come Eric Bischoff

Eric: I am here to make some annoucnements! First right here to night you are going to see an 8- Man tag with Dudley Boyz, Booker. T and Goldust vs 3 Minute Warning and Lance Storm and William Regal. Second Jeff Hardy will defend the Intercontinental title against Christain. And last regards Stone Cold Steve Aus.......

-Glass Shatters-
Austins muscis plays and out he comes

Eric: Welco...
-Austin takes the mic-
Austin: Shut up. I have been sitting at home drinking Steve-Wiseirs and watching you make a mockery of this great sport. So i decied to come back and pick up the pieces of this sport that you destoried. And another thing ......

Eric: Listen Austing.-WHAT?- I think your tiraid has gone on long enough.-WHAT?- I'd say you've had your 3 minutes.

-Rosie and Jamal go to attack Austin but WHAM to Stone Cold Stunners for their trouble-

Austin: If you wanna see Eric Bischoff get his ass-whipped gimme a HELL YA!!!

-Fans- HELL YA!!!!!!!

Well Eric heres to ya.

-Austin flips him the bird then WHAM Stunners him in the middle of the ring, Austin celebrates then leaves-


Match 1.

D'Lo Brown & Mark Henry vs. Tommy Dreamer and the Hurricane

JR & King recap how this feud started (check my first post to see)

Match starts as Dreamer and Henry start things off with Dreamer putting up a good fight D'lo and Henry double team him in the corner. Dreamer tags Hurricane into the ring then Henry squashes him for the 1-2-3.

Winners: D'lo Brown and Mark Henry


We come back where we see Bischoff in his office in pain.

Match 2.
8- Man tag
Dudley Boyz and Booker. T and Goldust vs 3 Minute Warning and Lance Storm and William Regal.

Match starts and a brawl ensues. They all brawl until Lance Storm pins Goldust 1-2-3.

Winners: 3 Minute Warning and Lance Storm and William Regal.


Match 3.
Intercontinental Title
Jeff Hardy vs. Christain

Fast paced match with Jeff hitting all his signature moves then Christain hits all his signature moves then Christain goes for the Un-Prettier but it is reversed into the Twist-of-Fate then a Swanton bomb 1-2-3.

Winer and still Intercontinental Champion: Jeff Hardy


Main Event
Kevin Nash vs Kane

Lots of power moves in this match and when Ric Flair trys to interfere Kane chockslams him but when he turns around he gets hit with the Jackknife Powerbomb 1-2-3.

Winner: Kevin Nash

-End Show-

Well thats it for installment 4 hope you like it

Be sure to check back Tomorrow and Thursday to see if i have posted Installment 5 of WWE Upspring.

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