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Re: Kane Last run, write your ideas...

Originally Posted by Joshi View Post
Give him his old mask/attire back, make him go nuts again and decimate the roster for REAL this time, make his as psychotic as PG can allow, then Bryan should be the one to stop him. (and go back in the main event afterwards)
I actually really like this idea. Would be a good way to give Kane fans a look back to how he was when at his best. Would also be a great way to get Daniel Bryan back to main event level.

My take on it:
Kane leaves for a month or two and comes back in his old school attire and starts going crazy destroying people all around the arena, setting fire to stuff, being as dark as PG will allow. (which should be pretty dark as many new pg films still have pretty dark/ evil characters - Harry Potter for exmaple).

Daniel Bryan tries to reason with him to get him back to how he was as part of tag team. Kane attacks Bryan giving him a choke slams then a tombstone for his effort. D-Bry calls him out after his cheap shot. Build up over several weeks to a match for them at Wrestlemania where Bryan goes over and Kane retires.

Hopefully could be a good build up with Kane getting more sadistic each week against Bryan and Bryan looking like is completely out matched but never backing down building him as a credible face. In the match at WM Bryan could just use superior wrestling skills to defeat Kane or use Kane's anger to force him to make mistakes or something.
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