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Smackdown 1st after Royal Rumble

Welcome to Crusierweight Action

Match 1
Tajiri vs. Nunzio
Tajiri wins via Martial Arts Kick

Match 2
Billy Kidman vs. Spanky
Billy Kidman wins via low blow

Match 3
Super Crazy vs. Ultimo Dragon (Crusierweight Title)
Ends in disqualifcation by Billy Kidman's interference.

End of Crusierweight Action

Eric Bischoff comes out and delivers a promo.

Eric Bischoff: So you think you have me beat Hunter. Well here it biggest the bombshell of the history of the world of wrestling. For the WWE title we'll have our WWE champion against the number 1 contender for the Smackdown's Wrestlemania main event. And you think you have the match to top matches at Wrestlemania. Well in one corner you have the biggest marketing draw in the WWE ever Stone Cold Steve Austin. Against the living legend Hulk Hogan. Now this will be the best match ever and it will be signed at No Way Out. Even tho Austin rejected my invitation at the Rumble by eliimnating himself, and Hogan sitting out the contract, but I will have them meet in the ring and sign the match at No Way Out and having them fight at Wrestlemania to prove the real legend of all time.

Match 1
Matt Hardy vs. Chavo Guerrero
Matt Hardy wins by Twist of Fate. He goes on to beat the crap out of Eddie Guerrero nephew Chavo. Chavo is escorted out by stretcher. Eddie runs in with an insane look on his face.

Match 2
Nathan Jones vs. Chris Kanyon
Nathan Jones wins via Chokeslam .

Match 3
Edge vs. Kurt Angle
Edge wins via spear
Brock comes out and beats up Edge.

Eric comes out

Eric: There you go. These will be the three men going for the belt at No Way Out to go for the title shot at Wrestlemania.

Match 4
Eddie Guerrero vs. Rikishi
Eddie wins from the frog splash.

Undertaker vs. Haas and Benjamin
Undertaker wins via interference from Rosey and Jamal.

Undertaker: I demand a rematch Beniot. And I want it to be a Casket Match.

Beniot; You will get my answer next week

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