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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

Nice start to the show with Team Lesnar coming out to the ring, and Carlito as the 5th man works well, as he needed to do something at the ppv. Lesnar rips on his home town with some nice lines, and then a well done attack on Batista and his character. Out comes team Batista, and some good stuff with the rock, and the usual lines on JBL. JBL/Rock as a main event will be a great one for tonight, and should be an explosive end to the show

Good win for Juvi and Tajiri, in what was a nice tag match to build up the cruiserweight feud.

Nice Rey promo, which has never been his strong point, but a good one here. Should be interesting to see whether he does retain the title or not

Nice win for Booker T, and once again sharmell helps him with the win.

Looks like the bashams want a shot at the tag team gold, and I guess this will be the final match to be added to the card from the smackdown side. Should be a good one, but don’t expect too much from it

London gets the win over Orton, which is a huge win for him, and Rey gets his revenge for Orton costing him the match last week against Carlito. Maybe a springboard for a London push after SS?

I just love the way you are using Foley, and I can only guess that eventually we are going to see a Orton/Foley match somewhere down the line. Foley is watching a movie instead of the show – priceless. Nice match announced for next week, and then Foley wants a copy of the London/Orton match to watch. Brilliant segment!

A very solid tag team match, which builds to the SS match well. Good win for the heel team, due to the help of a steel chair, and maybe the win for Lesnar indicates that he will lose at SS.

Dudleyz/Bashams/Asylum made for the tag titles is a nice little match to have on the show, and with the tables gimmick added as well, it makes the match that little bit better. Don’t expect a title change, but a nice addition to the card

Strong main event, with the lumberjacks all doing their job, and then fighting with each other at the end is what had to be expected. JBL and the Rock are both knocked out in the middle of the ring, when the Big Show makes his return! I wondered what you were going to do with him, and had a feeling that he would be back soon. Chokeslam on JBL wins the match for the Rock, and the Big Show joins team Batista. Good pick for the final member of the team, and it is going to be very hard to call how that much will go
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