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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

WWE Smackdown from the Target Centre in Minneapolis MN-18th November

The Smackdown theme tune plays as some pyros go off from the ramp. We pan around the arena before being going over to Cole and Tazz

Cole: Welcome to WWE Smackdown here at the Target Centre here in Minneapolis Minnesota. The road to Survivor Series continues, as we are just nine days away from it. I’m Michael Cole and alongside me is Tazz.

Tazz: What a blockbuster night we are going to have Cole. We are just days away from Survivor Series and tonight I am sure that something big is about to happen.

“Next Big Thing” Brock Lesner’s music hits and he comes out with Team Lesner for Survivor Series JBL, Booker T, Ken Kennedy and they also come out with Carlito signalling he has joined Team Lesner. They get in the ring and Lesner grabs a mic

Lesner: Before I say what I came out here to address, I would like to introduce you to the Newest Member of Team Lesner…………..Carlito

The crowd boos as Carlito points to himself and then takes a bite out of an apple.

Brock: Actually I just realised I need to address one more thing. You Minneapolis Minnesota fans.

The crowd cheers

Brock: My Hometown. When I was a young kid I thought this was the greatest city in the World. But now I just think this town is a load of crap.

The crowd boos

Brock: My Dad told me when I was older I would hate this city. And by god he was right because you lot are the biggest form of Scum on Gods Green Earth. Everything about this city is crap. From you unemployed male fat bastards who have spent all your money on Big Macs at McDonalds.........and to the slutty, ugly women in this town

The crowd boos.

Brock: The only man that would be interesting in you Girls…is welllll…….Mick Foley. Because that man gets turned on by Barbed wire and all your faces look like Barbed wire, they are all a mess.

The crowd boos and start a Lesner sucks chant.

Lesner: Boo me all you want, but I am the only thing which has come out of Minneapolis Minnesota as a success.

Crowd boos Lesner once more

Lesner: Anyway off you stinking losers and on to bigger and more important things. As you should know in Nine days time at Survivor Series, the five men standing before you will assemble the greatest team of all time and face that so called team, Team Batista.

The crowd cheers when they hear Batista’s name.

Lesner: You might like the guy, you might think he is impressive and think he is great. But all that man is a steroided freak of nature.

Crowd boos

Lesner: Batista you think your such a big man guy, you call yourself the Animal huh. Well at Survivor Series Team Lesner will make the Animal our bitches, as we are gonna tear your team into shreds. And by end of the night the Animal will be taken down.

Crowd boos

Lesner: When I left I saw our people thought that Batista was the next big thing. How he had taken my place as the future of this company. I am not gonna let that slide by Dave. I am not going to let that stand. I scratched and crawled my way to the top of the mountain. While you needed help to get to the top. Firstly you became D-Von Dudley’s partner and became a preacher. That just shows how much of a sad man you are. And when your thick head finally found out that D-Von Dudley wasn’t going to get you to the top, you came to Raw and joined Evolution. And when Flair and Hunter taught you every thing they know you turned on them as you had finally reached the top after years of kissing Ass.

Crowd boos

Lesner: And still Dave I did it quicker than you. I became the World Heavyweight Champion after 5 months, while you took three whole years. Now I am back Batista you will be second fiddle to me.

The crowd boos as Lesner and his team start laughing…

“Animal” Batista’s music hits and he comes out to a huge pop. He comes out with his partners for Survivor Series Rock, Kane and Chris Benoit. They stop halfway down the ramp and Batista takes a mic

Batista: Will you shut the Hell up!!

The crowd cheers

Batista: I have heard you run your wining little mouth for the Last Century and a half and you bored the hell out of me once again................ so I have came here to liven things up. If you think and your team is so good how about we have some little matches tonight.

The crowd cheers

Batista: Me and Benoit have come with up with a great idea and that is for a little Tag Team Action. So me and Benoit are challenging any two of you punk ass bitches to have a Tag Team Match up with us later today.

The Rock then steps in and asks Batista if he can have the mic. Batista gives it him

Rock: Finally the Rock has come back to Minneapolis Minnesota.

Crowd cheers

Rock: I have heard you Brock talking about how fat people in this city are. Well I would look in the mirror if I was you. You look like that Fat Bastard out of Austin Powers.

The crowd laughs as Brock Lesner looks at his stomach and then shouts at Rock he is not fat.

Rock: Anyway The Rock feels like whooping some Candy Ass tonight here in Minneapolis. And that’s why I am challenging anyone of you grease balls standing in the ring if you have any balls to go one on one with the Rock.

The crowd cheers as JBL takes the mic off Lesner.

JBL: You want a match huh. Well you have got one, and just to make it more interesting how about we make it a Lumberjack Match. And also to your challenge Batista………. Ken Kennedy and Brock Lesner have accepted your challenge for a Tag Team Match. Rock, The real Question is how are gonna make it to Survivor Series after the Wrestling Gooodddd, destroys you pillow to…………

Rock: Who in the Blue Hell do you think you are….

JBL: John Brad….

Rock:It doesn't matter who you think you are.I didn't ask you to speak Jabroni. The Rock accepts your offer JBL. And I would like to tell all 5 of you, that tonight a VERY BIG guest will shock you. And tonight me, Batista and Benoit are gonna whoop your Candy Asses. If ya smellllllllllllllllll what the Rock is cooking.


“Mexicools” The Mexicool’s music hits and Juvi Guerrera and Tajiri out to some little heat. Juvi shouts as some fans Mexico rules getting some big heat.

Billy Kidman’s music hits and he comes out with Chavo Guerrero to a very good pop.

Match 1
Tag Team Match
Juvi Guerrera and Tajiri v Billy Kidman and Chavo Guerrero

Summary: A very good way to start off the action with some Cruiserweight Action. Juvi Guerrera and Tajiri dominate the opening parts of the match using some Double Team tactics to Billy Kidman, keeping Kidman in their corner. But when Juvi went to pick Kidman up for the Juvi Driver, Kidman quickly went behind him, pushed him off the ropes and rolled him up. Juvi kicked out at 2 but when Kidman got onto his feet he was met with a Superkick to the back of the head by Tajiri. Juvi went for the pin but Chavo broke the count saving his partner. Juvi went up top, but Kidman played possum by jumping onto his feet and then onto the Turnbuckle. And he then hit a Frankensteiner to Juvi. And he finally reached in for the Tag. Chavo Guerrero started cleaning house taking care of both Juvi and Tajiri. But when he set up Juvi for a Tornado DDT off the top, Tajiri pushed Juvi out the way and he tossed Chavo off the top rope. Tajiri and Juvi then once again started to dominate their opponents but this time Chavo.

Finish: Tajiri bounces off the ropes and goes for a spinning wheel kick but Chavo ducks it. He then hits a Double Leg takedown to Tajiri and he locks on the Boston Crab. Tajiri screams in pain and tries to find his way to the ropes. When it looks like Tajiri is about to tap, Juvi comes off the top rope with a Missile Dropkick. Kidman tries to intervene himself into the match but the referee blocks him. With the ref’s back turned Juvi picks up Chavo and hits him with the Juvi Driver. Juvi then pulls Tajiri onto Chavo, the referee eventually gets away from London and hooks the leg 1………………..2…………..Kidman hits a springboard leg drop onto Tajiri breaking the count. Juvi then gets into the ring and goes to clothesline Kidman out the ring, but London ducks down and holds down on the top rope causing Juvi to fall to the outside. Kidman then goes for a springboard crossbody plancha onto the outside but Juvi Guerrera side steps out the way and Kidman crashes and burns on the outside. Meanwhile in the ring Tajiri and Chavo are exchanging hard right hands, Chavo gains the advantage and he goes to whip Tajiri off the ropes but Tajiri reverses it and sends Chavo off the ropes. And when Chavo reaches the opposite side Juvi trips him from the outside, and Chavo staggers into Tajiri who spits mist in his face. Chavo drops onto his knees and then Tajiri hits him with a Buzz saw kick. Tajiri then hooks the leg 1…………….2……………3

Winner of the Match Juvi Guerrera and Tajiri

Cole: What a win for Juvi Guerrera and Tajiri but when that mist goes in your eyes you might aswell say goodbye to any chance of you winning the match.

Tazz: That is so true Cole and Chavo, London, Kidman and Kazarian will have to make sure that mist doesn’t come into play at Survivor Series.

Backstage Steve Romero is standing with the World Champion Rey Mysterio

Steve: Last week Randy Orton once again cost you a match against Carlito. Randy Orton has cost you, or has beaten you in a match for three successive weeks. I want to know with your title on the line at Survivor Series are you worried that you might lose your title at Survivor Series.

Rey: Worried Holmes. No Way ese. Was I afraid when I stepped into the ring with Batista, no I gave him the toughest fight of his career and walked out the Champion. Randy Orton is just another obstacle there to get pass. Yeah man he has cost me my last few matches, but that will mean nothing when we get in the ring. The problem is that everyone I face underestimates me because of my size. But you should never do that. Because I am just as tough as any man in the WWE. And that’s why I am holding this title. Randy Orton has had a good run of late man, he has beat Kane, Undertaker and Rock. But runs are there to be beaten ese and at Survivor Series that run will be ended. I will once again give 100%, and I will once again walk out World Heavyweight Champion.

Cole: Rey Mysterio sounds very confident Tazz and he should be. And I tell you at Survivor Series Randy Orton after of all these months disrespecting Legends, he will get what is coming to him.

Tazz: Like Rey said Cole. That man is on a run. At the moment he is unbeatable and at Survivor Series I believe we will have a new World Champion.

Cole: Well I am not so sure on that but later on tonight Randy Orton will be in action against Paul London.

Hardcore Holly’s music hits and he comes out to a decent reception

“ Can you did it Sucka? Booker T’s music hits and he comes out to some big heat accompanied as always by his wife Sharmell.

Match 2
Singles Match
Hardcore Holly v Booker T with Sharmell

Summary: A decent filler match between the two competitors. Hardcore Holly had the momentum at the start of the match. Up until when he bounced off the rope and Sharmell yanked his leg stopping him from rebounding into Booker T. Holly looked like he had her when he grabbed her hair and went to pull her onto the ring apron but Booker T came from behind and hit a back body superlex onto Holly. Booker T then had the advantage in his corner wearing Holly down and distracting the referee while Sharmell took some cheap shots on Holly. Booker T went to hit a big risk move as he climbed onto the top rope, he went for a missile dropkick but Holly moved out the way, and as Booker started to get up Holly rolled him up but Booker T kicked out at 2.

Finish: Booker T starts pounding away at Holly in the corner with some hard right hands followed by some stiff chops to the chest. Booker then whips Holly to the opposite corner. He then charges up at Holly, only to get a face full of Boot, Booker staggers away before charging up at him one more time. But Holly catches him and sets him up for the Alabama Slam, but Booker counters it into a roll up 1………….2……………Kickout by Holly. Both men get to their feet and they exchange vicious hard right hands. Holly gains the advantage and starts pounding away at Booker against the ropes, Holly then goes to whip Booker off the ropes but Booker counters it and sends Holly to the ropes. But Holly comes back with a dropkick to the chin of Booker T taking the 5 time WCW Champion down. Holly then gets onto his feet and starts taunting to the crowd, pumping them up and signalling for the end. Holly goes to grab the legs for the Alabama slam but Booker T has it scouted and he hits Holly with a hard right hand to the face. Holly then goes for a clothesline but Booker ducks, he comes off the opposite side but once again Sharmell trips up Hardcore Holly. Booker T takes this to his advantage. Kicking him in the mid section and hitting a Scissors Kick to the back of Holly’s head. Booker then hooks the leg 1…………………..2………………..3

Winner of the match Booker T

Cole: Booker T has won once again thanks to that jezebel Sharmell.

Tazz: I think your seeing things Cole, Booker T hit the Scissors Kick.1-2-3 Booker’s run continues

Cole: I think your not seeing things Tazz because Sharmell tripped up Holly and Booker took the advantage.

Tazz: Well you can say what you want but at the end of the day, Booker T deservedly won the match.

Cole: Yeah right

Backstage we see the Dudley Boyz talking backstage showing off their newly won Tag Team Championships. But suddenly from behind the Basham Brothers start attacking the Dudley Boyz. Doug Basham grabs a steel chair and smashes it off the skull of Bubu Ray, while Danny throws D-Von Headfirst into the wall. But then Eugene and Heidenreich run into the room causing the Basham Brothers to run away. Eugene and Heidenreich then check up on the Dudlyz as we go to Commercial.


Cole: Before the break we saw an hideous attack by the Basham Brothers, taking down the Dudleyz.

Tazz: Well they sent a message to the Tag Team Champions Cole and that obviously means they want a Tag Team Title Shot.

Cole: Well thank god for Eugene and Heidenreich god knows what would have happened

Paul London’s music hits and he comes out to a good pop. He runs down all the way to the ring, and then salutes the fans on the turnbuckle, before moonsaulting of it and landing on his feet, and then saluting the fans some more

“Burn in My Light” Randy Orton’s music hits and he comes out to some big heat. He does the Destiny Pose at the top of the ramp as Pyros fall from above him. He then makes his way to the ring looking cocky as ever.

Match 3
Singles Match
Randy Orton v Paul London

Summary: A very good fast paced match between two great athletes with Paul London giving Orton a very touch fight. Orton took control at the begging showing his power advantage over London, as the two gripped hands with Orton pushing London down to the mat. But London agility came to play as he leapfrogged Orton and then took him down with a Hurricarana to Orton to the outside. Orton walked around the ring trying to recuperate but London bounced off the rope and hit a Springboard Somersault Plancha onto the outside onto Orton. London then rolled Orton into the ring and went for the cover but Orton kicked out at 2. A few minutes later London went for a Tornado DDT but in desperate needs Orton catched him in mid air and dropped him with a Spinebuster. Orton then started dominating the match slowing the Cruiserweight down, locking him in some submission moved and wrestling at his favourable pace. London started fighting back, but Orton catched him with a kick to the mid section and then hit London with a Inverted Headlock backbreaker. Orton hooks the leg but London puts his foot on the rope at 2.

Finish: London starts fighting back with some hard right hands, he then bounces off the ropes, Orton catches him and goes for a tilt a whirl backbreaker but London lands on his feet and he hits Orton with a hard right hand backing him near the corner. London then runs up at Orton and goes for a clothesline, but Orton ducks down, but London sees this and in two motions jumps onto Orton’s back and then onto the top rope. Orton turns around, and London comes off the top with a crossbody block 1……………2………..Kickout by Orton. Both men get onto their feet, and Orton swings his fist wildly at London but London ducks and then hits a dropkick to the back of Orton’s legs taking Orton down onto his knees. London then bounces off the ropes, but Orton catches him and gets him onto his shoulders. He goes for a Samoan Drop but London wraps his legs around Orton’s arms and takes him down with a Crucifix pin 1…………..2……….Kickout. Both men get onto their feet, and London hits Orton with some hard right hands, London then jumps onto Orton’s shoulders and goes for a Hurricarana. But Orton pushes London’s legs off him causing London to flip off his shoulders, and as soon as London’s feet touch the mat, Orton jumps up and nails London with an RKO. Orton is about to pin London but then…

“Booyaka 619”

Rey Mysterio’s music hits and Orton looks on down the ramp. He leans over the second rope expecting Rey to come down from the ramp. But Rey Mysterio comes through the crowd just like last week. He gets in the ring and hits a 619 to Randy Orton, Rey then gets out the ring as Orton staggers back into a recovered Paul London who rolls him up 1…………………2…………….3!

Winner of the match Paul London

Cole: What an Upset! Paul London has defeated the Number 1 contender to the World Championship.

Tazz: That is a darn disgrace Cole. Mysterio had no reason to come out and here screw Orton out of the match.

Cole: Well he just got what was coming a bit earlier than we expected Tazz and that was a loss to Paul London. What a shocker.


Backstage we see Mick Foley lying down on his couch watching a Movie in his office. In storms Randy Orton.

Randy: Did you just see that Mick?

Mick Foley seems to ignore him

Randy: Mick I was screwed out of my match by that Mexican Midget Rey Mysterio

Once more Foley ignores him

Randy: Are you even Listening?

Mick Foley ignores him still. So Randy goes to the TV and turns it off

Mick: What the Hell are you doing Randy. I was enjoying that.

Randy: What the Hell are you doing Randy Orton?

Mick: Well your conversations are worse than Kane’s. And he doesn’t even speak and I’m not gonna risk you boring me to death.

Randy: Haha very funny

Mick: Oh wasn’t trying to be funny but ok.

Randy: I was sarcastic

Mick: Yeah whatever. What Did you want?

Randy: You need to do something Mick. I lose to friggin Paul London thanks t……..

Mick: You lost to Paul London

Randy: Yeah only thanks t…………..

Mick: Damn I missed it. I would have enjoyed that aswell

Randy: It’s not funny

Mick: Oh Yeah……………..It’s a real tragedy.

Randy: Yeah it is. So are you gonna do something about Mysterio, he needs to be punished for costing me that match.

Mick: Fine the only time you will be able to get your hands on Rey Mysterio will be in a little match next week in Sheffield England. You see it will be you teaming up with Brock Lesner to face Batista and Rey Mysterio. Have a Nice Day.

Randy Orton looking a little happier walks out, and Foley tells his assistant to find a copy of the London v Orton match for his personal enjoyment of Orton losing to London.

Cole: Well what a match signed up for next week Tazz. As it will be Lesner and Orton v Mysterio and Batista in Sheffield England

Tazz: Well that match promises to be a Blockbuster Cole, but so will the next match Cole. As it will be Mr Kennnnnnedyy….Kennnnedddy and Brock Lesner v Batista and Chris Benoit.

“Mrrrr Kennnneddddyyy…..Kennnedddyy” Ken Kennedy’s music hits and he comes out to some big heat. He stands in the middle of the ring and a Mic falls from above him and falls into Kennedy’s hands.

Ken Kennedy: The Following contest is for ONE fall. With a Twenty Minute Time Limit. I hail from GREEN BAY WISCONSIN (Crowd boos). Weighing in at a Absolutely Phenomenal 244 pounds. Yes once again I have put on some weight but at least I don’t like you ugly asses. Introducing the man who is single handily changing Friday Nights. Mrrrrrrrrrrrrr Kennnnnnneddddddyyy………Kennnnnneddddyyyy

“Here Comes the Pain” Brock Lesner’s music hits and he comes out to some huge heat.

“Whatever” Chris Benoit’s music hits and he comes out to a very good pop. He comes down looking very confident and threatens to hit Kennedy causing him to quickly get out the ring, with Benoit still angry about his loss to Kennedy last week.

“Animal” Batista’s music hits and he comes out to a Very Good Pop. He does his traditional taunting at the top of the ramp with the Pyros going off. He then makes his way to the ring not taking his eyes of Batista wanting to get a piece of him tonight.

Match 4
Tag Team Match
Ken Kennedy and Brock Lesner v Batista and Chris Benoit.

Summary: A very good Tag Team Match here between four of the men competing in the Ten Man Elimination Tag Match up at Survivor Series. A brawl occurred between the four men as soon as the bell went with Kennedy throwing Batista shoulder first into the steel steps. This allowed Lesner and Kennedy to dominate the opening parts of the match, as they doubled teamed on Benoit. Brock Lesner hit a big belly to Belly Overhead superlex to Benoit and went for the cover but Batista got in the ring and stopped the count. Brock then went for the Kill and locked on a Bear Hug. Benoit seemed like he was fading away, and after two times of the ref lifting his hand up and it dropping straight away, the ref lifted it a third time but Benoit kept it up and started fighting back. He then hit a few head butts setting him free. He then ran to his corner and tagged in Batista. Batista got in the ring and went straight after Lesner, who quickly backed off and tagged in Kennedy. And with Lesner not wanting to get in, Batista and Benoit started to take control of the match. After a few minutes of Lesner and Benoit having the advantage, Kennedy started to fight back and he went to reach in for the Tag, but Lesner didn’t stretch his arm out fully to reach for the Tag showing his reluctance to get in the ring with Batista. And this cost Lesner and Kennedy as Batista dragged Kennedy into the centre of the ring and dropped an elbow on it. A little while later Lesner finally tagged himself in, but only when Benoit was in the ring.

Finish: Lesner powers Benoit into the corner and he hits a Series of Shoulder thrusts to his sternum. Lesner then grabs Benoit around the waist and he hits him with a Belly to Belly Overhead superlex. Lesner hooks the leg 1……………2……………Kickout by Benoit. Lesner then eases up Benoit and he hits him with some multiple gut breakers. He then shows his strength off hitting Benoit with a Fall Away Slam. Lesner hooks the leg 1……………2………..Kickout. Lesner then picks up benoit onto his feet and hits him with some hard right hands backing him into the ropes, he then whips Benoit off the ropes. Benoit slides through Lesner’s legs avoiding a clothesline. Benoit then goes for a dropkick on Lesner, but Lesner blocks it pushing the legs away and he then drops an elbow onto Benoit. Lesner then drags Benoit to his corner and starts choking him out as he rests his foot over Benoit’s neck and starts pushing down. He them starts distracting the referee as Kennedy starts cheapshoting Benoit in the corner. Batista tries to get in the ring to help Benoit but Lesner tells the ref, who then blocks off Batista. This allows Kennedy and Lesner to double team Benoit, they hit him with some hard right hands. They then whip him off the ropes and go for a double clothesline, but Benoit ducks and comes back off the ropes with a clothesline to both men. He then takes both men down with some stiff chops to the chest. He then ducks a clothesline by Kennedy and back body drops him over the top rope. Benoit then ducks a clothesline by Lesner and hits him with a German Superlex. Benoit then tags in Batista. Batista immediately gets in the ring and goes for a Clothesline but Lesner ducks and he takes down the ref. He then starts cleaning house on Lesner taking him down with multiple clotheslines. He then rams him into the corner and hits him with some shoulder thrusts to the sternum. He then gets Batista onto his shoulders and he hits him with a running powerslam. Batista then waits for Lesner to get up, and he goes for a Clothesline, But Lesner catches him and gets Batista onto his shoulders. He goes for the F-5 but Batista slides off his shoulders and pushes him off the rope. And he catches Lesner with a spinebuster. He then goes for the Batista Bomb but Lesner counters it into a back body drop. Batista gets up, he ducks a clothesline from Lesner and bounces off the rope. But as he gets to the rope, Ken Kennedy smashes a Steel Chair off his back, Batista then staggers into Brock Lesner who hits him with the F-5. Lesner hooks the leg 1………………2…………….3

Winner of the Match Brock Lesner

Cole: And Brock Lesner has been lucky once more. He cowered away from Batista the whole match. But when they were in the ring at the same time Batista had the match won But Kennedy hit Batista with the chair and Batista loses due to an F-5.

Tazz: See that just proves Lesner is way better than Batista. Lesner beat Batista with one move.

Cole: Will you stop! Well anyway coming up next Team Batista will have a chance to get some revenge as The Rock faces JBL in a Lumberjack Match. Stay Tuned.


Backstage we see Mick Foley watching the end of the Orton v London match and he bursts out with Laughter. We then see the Dudley Boyz come into the room with Bubu holding an ice pack to his head.

Foley: Did you see what happened to Orton, no offence to London because I think he great but is was great to see that winy little loser Orton lose

Bubu: Yeah the Punk deserved it but we deserve something aswell. A match against the Basham Brothers. Those punks want a title shot. We will willingly give them one Mick so how bout it?

Foley: Yeah ok how about this Bubu. At Survivor Series, The Dudlyz…….versus the Basham Brothers………………….versus Eugene and Heidenreich………………..In a Triple Threat Tag Team Tables Elimination Match.

The crowd cheers the prospect of seeing that match

Bubu: Yeah sounds great

Foley: (Gets a hammer) Match made (slams if off his desk)

Bubu: Thanks Mick and at Survivor Series. D-Von once again will get the tables, and once again the Dudlyz will be putting someone through a table

Cole: Whoa what a match made there Tazz.

Tazz: An Elimination Tables Match at Survivor Series that is going to be one hell of a match.

Cole: But the time has come to see our Main Event.

“Longhorn” JBL’s music hits and JBL comes out in his limo to some big heat. He steps out of his limo along with the Heel Lumberjacks for the Match, Brock Lesner, Booker T, Ken Kennedy and Carlito

“If Ya smellllllll” The Rock’s music hits and he comes out to a Thunderous ovation. He comes down with the face Lumberjacks Batista, Kane and Chris Benoit.

Cole: This is a very big disadvantage here for the Rock as there only three Lumberjacks on his side and 4 on JBL’s side.

Tazz: Well Team Batista still needs to find one more partner for Survivor Series and it will definitely be a big disadvantage

Match 5
The Rock v JBL
Lumberjacks: Batista, Kane, Chris Benoit, Brock Lesner, Booker T, Ken Kennedy and Carlito

Summary: A very good effort put on by both men in a very important match for both as they want to get a victory for their team to build some momentum for Survivor Series. The opening part of the match was a very back and forth start with both men cancelling each other out. Rock did gain the advantage, but when he went for a clothesline, JBL caught him and tossed him to the outside. And Rock was then ambushed by the Heel Lumberjacks, the face Lumberjacks came to help rock, but the Heel’s quickly backed off. JBL then had the advantage from there, weakening down Rock. And anytime it looked like Rock had a chance of coming back, JBL threw him into his buddies on the outside who ambushed him. JBL thought he had done enough damage to Rock, and he went for the Clothesline From Hell, but Rock ducked down and held onto the top rope causing JBL to fall to the outside. And the faces got revenge on JBL as they ambushed him, the heels came to help out JBL but then Kane and Batista both picked up a Steel Chair and threatened to hit them with it, causing them to back off. And from that point on Rock started to have the advantage. JBL eventually caught Rock, and went for the Fall Away Slam, but Batista hit a Clothesline to the back of JBL’s legs from the outside causing JBL to fall and Rock to land on him, but JBL kicked out at 2.

Finish: JBL goes for a Clothesline on Rock, but Rock ducks and sets him up for the Rock Bottom. And he connects with it, he then hooks the legs 1………………..2…… Carlito puts JBL’s foot on the rope. The referee goes to the outside to question Carlito. Meanwhile Lesner gets in the ring, and hits a German Superlex onto Rock. He then gets out of the ring quickly before Batista can save Rock. JBL and Rock get up and exchange hard right hands, JBL gets the advantage and pounds away at Rock against the ropes. JBL goes to whip Rock off them but Rock reverses it, and Rock catches JBL off the ropes with a spinebuster. Rock then stands over JBL, he throws his elbow pad out to the crowd and bounces off the ropes. But then Booker T yanks the leg of Rock and trips him up. Rock then starts trash talking Booker T and dares him to get in the ring. Meanwhile JBL comes from behind and rolls him up 1…………………2…………….Kickout. Rock immediately gets onto his feet and pounds away at JBL with some vicious hard right hands. Rock then takes JBL down with a Spit Punch. Rock then waits for JBL to get up and he bounces off the ropes, but JBL explodes out at Rock with a Clothesline From Hell. A tired JBL then falls onto Rock and hooks the leg 1………………….2……………….Chris Benoit gets in the ring and breaks the count. Ken Kennedy then gets into the ring and he and Benoit have a brawl, then Carlito and Kane get involved and then a brawl occurs with all the Lumberjacks. With Booker and Lesner going at it with Kane, Batista going at it with Kennedy and Benoit with Carlito. Lesner and Kane exchange hard right hands on the outside, but then Booker hits Kane with some hard clubs to the back. Lesner then tosses Kane shoulder first into the Steel Steps, he then grabs a Steel Chair and brings it into the ring. And with the ref’s back turned he hits Rock off the face with the Steel Chair. Batista sees this and grabs a chair of his own and hits Kennedy with it before getting into the ring and evening the odds, hitting JBL with the Steel Chair. Batista and Lesner then go at it tooth and nail on the outside, as JBL and Rock are both down in the centre of the ring. But then suddenly we see a huge figure coming down the ramp……It’s the Big Show!! The Big Show gets in the ring and helps JBL onto his feet, he says something to him before picking up Rock. He then grabs Rock by the throat as JBL watches on Smiling. But then Big Show suddenly turns his attention onto JBL and grabs him by the throat. He lets go of Rock and lifts JBL into the air. And drops him with the Showstopper. He then drags Rock onto JBL 1………………2……………..3

Winner of the Match The Rock

After the match The Big Show picks Rock onto his feet, he hugs Rock before raising his hand in Victory. Batista then gets in the ring and he and Big Show lock eyes. They then shake hands and Big Show shouts out at Lesner I can’t wait for Survivor Series signalling he has joined team Batista. Kane and Benoit then get in the ring, and Team Batista stare down Team Lesner who are retreating down the Ramp.

Cole: The Big Show is back Tazz and surprisingly he has joined Team Batista for Survivor Series.

Tazz: Well I am shocked Cole, the last time we saw Big Show he was at it with The Rock and that was only three months ago, and now he helps Rock out to get the victory.

Cole: Well that is all we have got here tonight but be sure to tune in next week as we come two days away from Survivor Series.

Tazz: It is going to be one hell of a night.

Cole: Sure is, see you next week folks.

The WWE Logo is shown and Smackdown goes off air

Current WWE Survivor Series Card

-WWE Title Chris Jericho v Shawn Michaels

-Team Bischoff (Kurt Angle, Shelton Benjamin, Chris Masters, Edge, Christian and Coach) v Team Heyman (John Cena, Rob Van Dam, Charlie Haas, AJ Styles, Matt Hardy and the Sandman) in a 6 on 6 elimination Match

-I Quit Match Triple H v Ric Flair

-Tag Team and Women’s Title MNM v The Teachers v CM Punk/Kid Kash/Trish Stratus

-World Heavyweight Championship Rey Mysterio v Randy Orton

-Team Batista (Batista, the Rock, Kane, Chris Benoit and the Big Show) v Team Lesner (Brock Lesner, JBL, Booker T, Ken Kennedy and Carlito) in a 5 on 5 Elimination Match

-The Mexicools and Tajiri v Chavo Guerrero, Billy Kidman, Paul London and Frankie Kazarian in 4 on 4 Elimination Match

-Tag Team Titles Dudley Boyz v Basham Brothers v Eugene and Heidenreich in Triple Threat Tag Team Tables Elimination Match

Next week’s Smackdown will only be recapped
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