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Falling Skies Game Thread

All was pleasant around the Earth. Life was rolling on, people were carrying about their lives. Then, one fateful day, spaceships started to come down from the sky, and settle over major cities. Were they friendly? Or was humanity fucked? After a brief moment to think, the ships deployed neutron bombs that wiped out 90% of the human population. The aliens had begun their goal of destruction. However, a flaw in their plan was a group of humans who vowed to fight for their planet, and so, the battle begins. Only one can emerge victorious, so will humanity reign supreme, or be vanquished into extinction...

Example role PM

Originally Posted by Example
You are Egg Zample, Town Alignment. You're going to die in the OP

* No posting of screenshots or quoting your role PM.
* Only communicate within the game thread unless you are able to do otherwise.
* Phases will last between 24 and 36 hours, and can be adjusted pending activity levels.
* Bold your votes or they will not count.
* General section rules, i.e no flaming
* Keep moderately active or you will be replaced.
* Dead QT will not be provided until Day 4, pending need of replacements.


6. LadyCroft - Ben Mason, Resistance Aligned
7. Nov - Tector Murphy, Resistance Aligned
11. Cloverleaf - Jamil Dexter, Resistance Aligned
12. King Kenny CamillePunk 2.0 - Dai, Resistance Aligned
15. chr1st0 - Colonel Jim Porter, Resistance Aligned
16. Titania - Maggie, Resistance Aligned
17. TaylorFitz - Jimmy Boland, Resistance Aligned

The Fallen:

8. Anark - Captain Daniel Weaver, Resistance Aligned {Killed Night 1}
2. CamillePunk - Tom Mason, Resistance Aligned {Killed Night 2}
3. Skyfall - Matt Mason, Resistance Aligned {Killed Night 2}
19. PHENOM - Red Eye, Invaders Aligned {Killed Night 2}
13. Big_Man - Mechs, Invaders Aligned {Lynched Day 3}
18. dan the marino - Crawlies, Invaders Aligned {Killed Night 3}
22. RetepAdam. - Hal Mason, Resistance Aligned {Killed Night 3}
1. Ziggler Mark - Skitters, Invaders Aligned {Lynched Day 4}
5. IMPULSE - Crazy Lee, Resistance Aligned {Killed Night 4}
9. Mclovin it - Anthony, Resistance Aligned {Killed Night 4}
21. WOOLCOCK - Anne Glass, Resistance Aligned {Killed Night 4}
20. TehJerichoFan RetepAdam. 2.0 - Karen Nadler, Invaders Aligned {Lynched Day 5}
24. McQueen - Jeanne Weaver, Resistance Aligned {Killed Night 5}
25. TKOK - Lourdes, Resistance Aligned {Killed Night 5}
10. Rising - Arthur Manchester, Resistance Aligned {Lynched Day 6}
4. Lawls - Uncle Scott, Resistance Aligned {Killed Night 6}
23. sweeneyed - John Pope, Individual Aligned {Killed Night 6}
14. That Guy - Espheni, Invaders Aligned {Lynched Day 7}

Past Phases:

Day 1
Night 1
Day 2
Night 2
Day 3
Night 3
Day 4
Night 4
Day 5
Night 5
Day 6
Night 6
Day 7 / End Game


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