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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

Raw Review

Opening segment with Christian started out sluggish, but you brought it home. He truly has a legitimate reason for thinking he should get a shot. Edge coming out was great too, and I was surprised to see the interaction between him and Christian turn into a pep talk of sorts. Well done here, and Christian will be a good addition to team Bischoff. Edge’s MITB contract has me wondering if the Survivor Series swerve will be a complete blindsiding…? Then again he seems to be obsessed with Heyman. Hmmm.

Great win for Charlie Haas, and one I never saw coming. AJ Styles cost Kurt the victory, which furthers their rivalry, and proves the Styles Clash can put Kurt down. I don’t think the SS match needs to be 6 on 6. More than 5 per team is overkill IMO.

Good promo cut by the Game. You really need to space the big paragraphs better. He and Flair will be a war at Survivor Series, and I have a gut feeling the Game may be fighting for reinstatement after a short period of time off following Survivor Series.

I see my idea of sticking divas with tag teams has rubbed off on you. You have also incorporated the Women’s Title, which makes it unique to your show, and is cool. I never thought another booker would do a triple threat six person inter-gender match. Glad to see you doing it. Really like the team of Nowinski and Striker as well-it is a perfect gimmick fit. And everything flowed well through both the segments involving MNM, with Melina especially taking a take no prisoners’ attitude.

Typical Hassan promo. He really just draws cheap heat, and toots his own horn. Which is okay, because that is his style; and going into a feud with the Deadman, he will need all the confidence in the world. Apparently he has it, so lets see what happens. Will Taker be eligible to claim his first Intercontinental belt, or will this be non title.

I want to tell you I think you were down on yourself for no reason on this show. I see nothing wrong with it. Not a mind blowing show, but definitely a good one. I have those feelings sometimes too, so I know what you mean.

Sandman demolishes Richards, and now has an open bar, and a team Heyman spot. Cool addition to the team, as he makes for a “filler” that still provides some decent excitement. Eric is almost out of options, and he better turn it around or he’s out of here. Is the SS tag match winner take all GM power: Heyman vs Bischoff??

Cena and Master square off in a great match up. Well written description, as it turned into t better match than they would likely really have. The interjections from Christian, Tomko and RVD made for an exciting finish to what was a nice mid-Raw main event.

Great promo from a confident, and rightly so, Jericho. Let’s see if he and Flair can pull it off!

I love it! Coach! It makes perfect sense! And how surprisingly noble of the Coach to volunteer himself. Normally that would be one of those things he wouldn’t want to do, and would be forced into.

Well the heel challenger goes over the seemingly tweener champion in the tag. Interesting scenario here. I have no idea what you have in store for us at Survivor Series, but I have a feeling a big swerve is coming our way. Cant Wait!

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