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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

World Wrestling Entertainment
RAW Review

- Great and Hilarious promo their by Christian. I really laughed so much, Some great Lines by Christian made it more good. Good to see Edge interupting and then having some of the Great Lines too. Great to see Eric Bischoff blaming Paul Heyman their to didn't get Christian a Title Shot. Eric then adding Christian to his Team was a shock for me. Well, here's Mr. ECW who adds Edge to his Team. Well, this match is gonna be really good. Survivor Series is gonna be off the hook.

- I also want to say like all did, Unbelieveable victory for Charlie Haas against his Former Team Leader Kurt Angle!!! but there was a little bit help from AJ. Nice aftermath their by Shelton coming in and nailing his Finishing Move over his Former Partner Charlie Haas. Wow, Matt comes and nails Twist Of Fate to Angle as Team Heyman looks standing tall.

- Hyped promo their by Triple H. Good to see Triple H accepting The I Quit Match, Triple H will win it for sure. Hmm, Nice to see HBK coming in the end and telling Bret's Trademark Lines. LOL

- Nice promo their by Hassan telling the people's that the way they treated him is bad bcz he's Arab American. It was a typical Hassan promo. I seriously don't want Taker/Hassan match.

- Heyman bringing Sandman to his team was something really good.

- Good news here that If, Bischoff didn't get his 6th man tonight, Then he's Fired.

- It seems good to have Cena as a winner against Masters. Again, Team Heyman's member gets the win against Team Bischoff's member. But I am completely sure that Team Bischoff will win at SS. This match is going to be really interesting.

- LOL. Coach is in Bischoff's Team and Thank GOD, Bischoff is saved from getting fired.

- The Main Event was really good with HHH and HBK using cheating tactics. I can really see the break between HHH/HBK in the future because this feud has entertainend me all over. Well, nice win for Heels against Face but holding the ropes wasn't good. LOL.

Overall - 86/100.
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