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Re: Yokozuna was great

Originally Posted by Issues_Sunshyne View Post
Why on here does it always descend into "I'm right, your opinion is wrong" deal. It's getting like Youtube.

I, also, find the argument that he did impressive things for his size a double edged sword. Yes, some of the things he did were impressive for a man that large, but they weren't anything that somebody smaller but still huge (Vader, Bam Bam) could do, however to contradict that, Yoko was also capable of the strength moves and executed them well. He had a great belly to belly that looked legit. His superkick was decent, the Banzai drop was a good finisher. He wasn't horrible in the ring, and what he did do was executed very, very well.

Should he have been champion? Yes. At the time, yes definitely. WWE was in the midst of losing stars and/or there current stars were dwindling. Hogan won the belt from him but he was never going to reach the heights he had before then, and then he ended up moving on. Yokozuna's character helped Bret get massively over as a world champion, and like it or not, Luger's American Express was somewhat over, not massively, but over enough.

Is it true that those in WWE wanted him to get even bigger? I've read that but couldn't believe it.

He seems well-liked, a lot of people have said nice things about him, and I don't think it's just because he's passed. Kevin Nash tells a story of Yoko ripping Shane Douglas apart backstage because Douglas wouldn't wrestle on a UK tour because he was injured, and HHH had to work twice. Apparently Yoko, in front of everyone, told Shane that he was basically a piece of shit for doing it and, for the fans, unless you're about to die you get out there and work.

I liked his tag team with Owen, too.

He died practically over the road from me too in the Adelphi Hotel. Well, 5 minutes from my house. I play pool in a pool hall over the road from it at least once a week, and every singly time I go past the Adelphi I think of Yoko. I don't say a prayer or anything, of course not, but it is a bit sad.
Yokozuna lost money. He was a stale champion. He got Bret over? LOL. Bret became over by the feuds with Perfect, Piper, Bulldog, Shawn and Owen. And especially by Flair. But by feuding with Yoko? Yoko was an Anti-Star.

About him being a good guy backstage- So what? Kane was a nice guy as well. Al Snow was. Do you want them to be the champions?

Yokozuna shouldn't be champion because his character was so outdated. And even if the WWE were losing stars- Why to use YOKO to replace those stars instead of someone that was actually good?
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