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Re: Yokozuna was great

Originally Posted by TehBrain View Post


kindergartener rebuttle [/IMG]
Please, so what if Yoko is an HOF?

Koko B Ware is there too. What does that mean?

I don't take the Hall of Fame seriously. They put him into it just because they wanted Rock to induct someone from his family, and that was the only one left. Don't take the HOF seriously: The WWE are using it for their interests.

And you've never answered me: Was he a star? Was he culturally relevant for the 1990s? Because as they said above me: Yoko was a 1980s character. And even if he wrestled back then, he would be nothing more then a jobber for Hogan.

Originally Posted by the modern myth View Post
I never liked Yokozuna. He just never did it for me. He just wasn't interesting, at all. I always thought that 1993 should've been buit around a Perfect/Savage feud for the title. They could've built it brilliantly, starting with their friendship collapsing and then moving on to a bitter rivalry between them.
I rebooked in the "WWE PPV" section the whole time, without using Yokozuna in a big role and with a Savage/Perfect feud.

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I know you are but what Am I
You should REALLY call a whaambulance now. For you.

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