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Re: Has the Rock's return tarnished or "bettered" his legacy for you?

Bettered it.

He came back for his fans, yeah he gets benefits from it also with more exposure to an audience which he may have got distant from and what not but in general he's genuinely back for his fans and that's awesome.

His return promo was straight up amazing in terms of moment and the actual promo was THE ROCK like he never lost a beat but for some unfortunate reason after the 'Kid Cena' Promo he's sort of lost a step and just isn't as quick witted or the fact the entire promo environment is now scripted doesn't benefit him when engaging with others.

His ring work is pretty bad also, he was never an amazing worker but was good and with his athleticism and crowd control with certain spots pulled of many great matches which also seems to be suffered from 10 years of rust.

Either way he's still awesome but not quite the guy I idolised as a kid but still greatly appreciate the fact he's back and adds a spark to wrestling and WWE that no one else could IMO.

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