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Re: New #1 Contender?

Originally Posted by Nostalgia View Post
I would like this, but as I say, I'm not sure how they would do the feud with both of them being face. Face vs face feuds almost never happen in the WWE today.
Contender Battle Royal, last two face off in a match, Jericho wins.

ADR got Ricardo, Jericho is the master of all trolls, they could just troll each other constantly backstage for mindgames, while the feud basis would be the classic "generation vs generation, experience vs momentum" respectful stuff. Since Dolph is around and has got the briefcase AND Big E, he could play into this as the annoying interfering heel, so the two just rib and tease each other, but who "cooperate" on Ziggler's shit to get him out of the way during their match to legit decide who's the better man blablabla. Jericho wins, handshake, respect, BOOM, Big E and Ziggles trash em, cash in, Ziggler champ!

Leaving an opportunity for Jericho OR ADR to get a kayfabe injury or something and the other guy is out for revenge, tada, feud and ADR gets a free holiday or something. Or just two weeks of hospital segments, Ricardo involvement and Big E + Ziggler vs Jericho + ADR as a mini "stable" feud, bringing Big E into actual matches

Well, the longer I wrote the more it went out of hand, but I could see some fresh angles if creative'd do that right (but who am I kidding )

Originally Posted by truk83 View Post
Just say that Swagger was jumped by a bunch of foreign thugs who put him in the hospital. Zeb Coulter says that Swagger will not be able to make it to Mania, and is in a coma. Play if off like it's serious, and feed it to the fans like it's bait. I would have Dolph cash live on Raw, and win the title. That way they can just do another contender's match simply because there is a new champion. My vote goes to Ziggler vs Jericho at WM 30.
If they go along something like this it'd mean
a) Swagger will only be temporarily suspended and come back, which would be the wrong move for the WWE (it's out in media ffs, no coverup possible) or
b) In a few months we get a random revelation like "Hornswoggle was Swagger all along" because somebody in creative remembered there was a pointless loose end in the past

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