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Re: Malik Omari?

Malik Omari was born in Gambia, West Africa to the fighting warrior tribe known as the Mandinkos. Thanks to his unique upbringing, Omari was taught at an early age how to fight but more importantly, how to survive no matter what the conditions. As a preteen, Omari moved to London, England where he would broaden his international experience and life skills.

Malik Omari’s life experience includes events that most will never witness during their lifetime. Good or bad, the Gambia-born competitor vows to use all his experience to join an elite group of NXT Superstars whom have earned the right to be called Champion.
His profile is horrible ... mandika warrior and common stereotypes about violent Africa (light racism).

Mandinka people (outside the castes made of nobles, griots, blacksmiths or shoemakers) are mainly rural subsistence farmers or merchants. They are probably the most peaceful ethnicity in the region, even if they are muslims. They aren't a fighting tribe at all.

Malik Omari is a bad name. Malik means king in arabian and Omari is of Arabic and Swahili origin (East Africa). The meaning of Omari is "God the highest". His name is everything except mandinka. It's an arabic name and it must be written Malik Al-Omari. I could give you a lot of real mandika names and I am not even mandika or african.

Gambia was the only country in the region that hadn't any real independance or civil wars ...

- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mandinka_people
- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Gambia

During the 16th, 17th and 18th century as many as a third of the Mandinka population were enslaved and shipped to the Americas through capture in conflict and therefore a significant portion of the African Americans in the United States are descended from the Mandinka people. Yeah playing the race card ... again.

Senegalese wrestlers and the Serer people in Gambia and Senegal would have been a far better and more logical choice for an african gimmick from this region. They dwarf most WWE wrestlers and use no illegal products, not even HGH :shock

WWE and gimmicks ...

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