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Re: I feel like Bobby Roode is lacking something

Originally Posted by joeisgonnakillyou View Post
I get he's a TNA guy and stuff so I'm not asking for miracles here but this is weird.
First off, roode style is technician and he's not a show off like aries or ziggler. The guy isn't supposed to get people excited when he does a move, it's the exact opposite. Watch destination x and how the crowd reacts in disgust for each heelish tactic and only then to mark out when the good guy kicks out at 2,99999.
If you are trying to say Roode lacks something because he didn't make his own finisher, then we're fucked since nobody in this era invents their own finishers.

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This is such a good post.

I disagree with you on it though. Like, yes, technician. I understand that. However, Angle's style is supposed to be a technician. People still know what the angle slam is and they still pop for that.

I'm not disputing that he's capable of getting big reactions without establishing a big hitter finish. That's one of the reasons I love him so much. Hell, you're totally right on the Destination X match too. So well done and a lot of it is cheap tactics and amazing facial expressions. I'll never forget when he failed to pin Aries and just gave that wide eyed, shocked look in the corner. Total markout for me. I turned to a friend and, regarding Aries, said "Oh my god, he's gonna win." That's the kind of stuff Roode can get me to do. I lose myself in his matches.

I'm not saying he needs to invent a move though. I'm saying he needs to work harder at making me care about the ones he has already. None of his finishes have ever been played up. Like, he's this awesome technical wrestler right? I'd love for the commentators to talk about WHY the fisherman's suplex is so hard to escape. Hell, tell me WHY that crossface of his is so dangerous. It could be something as simple as Bobby giving an interview where he's all "I'm a student of the game, and I've taken the best from athletes I respect...and made them better." Just simple shit like that. Not that I would ever presume to know how to write a wrestling show.

It's less about what he does, and more about telling me why I should care about it.
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