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Re: Has the Rock's return tarnished or "bettered" his legacy for you?

I wouldn't say either really. I'm glad to see him back though. Him and Brock returning have finally breathed some life into this product.

His promos and matches have been overall a bit lackluster though. Too much pandering. I know, he's always been 'the people's champion' but it was never really like this. And the jokes are as bad as ever but he still makes them work. Because, bad material aside, it's hard to not have your attention taken by the guy. He is arguably one of the "Most Electrifying Men" to ever step into the ring as far as charisma is concerned.

I think what really annoys me is that a part-time superstar beat CM Punk's historic reign. Now, mind you, I really don't mind Rock getting another short title run. It's a feel-good moment for the fans and gathers some publicity. Rock beats Punk's big reign, then is sure to put some up-and-coming heel or face over hugely at Wrestlemania, and that'd make things all right.


Cena's just going to be the one who would've had the rub and takes the title, and nothing will be accomplished.
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