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Re: The Shield's opponents at 'Mania

IMHO, there's a couple of ways to go with this. I think it's too early for the Shield to go after titles, be they tag or single. Now my preference would be either Shield vs Evolution (highly doubtfull because of Batista and HHH likely focused on Bork) or vs DX (same problem though, as DX without Trips just isn't the same).
Possible solution: Brock and Shield vs Triple H, Sheamus, Ryback and *insert fourth person here*. Make two matches out of one, so saves time, and give the faces that extra rub from having Trips in their corner to go over.

Would mark out for:
Next week, Bork shows up to destroy Vince again during the Vince-Heyman fight segment. Trips shows up to make the save, but Shield interfere. Sheamus and Ryback come out to make the save, tactical retreat heels as the show ends. Somewhere in the following weeks (probably one or two filler weeks in between there where there's no real storyline progression just a run in or two to compound on things), Trips comes out to talk about the situation, Shield get the drop on him. Leave him battered and bruised in the ring. He gets a mic, and tells them as they stand in the crowd that come WM it's on. Them and Brock vs him, Sheamus, Ryback and a fourth. And he knows just the guy...
Last week the Shield come out to cut a promo, joining Brock and Heyman who are already on stage. "We beat Sheamus and Ryback with Cena, we beat them with Jericho, and we'll beat them with Triple H. And whoever #4 is doesn't matter, we'll beat his ass too"... Trips comes out with Ryback and Sheamus, and finally after weeks of speculation the fourth is revealed as the lights go out.. and a gong sounds through the arena. The Shield and Brock Lesnar vs The King of Kings Triple H, The great white Sheamus, The Ryback and The Undertaker. Faces to go over (ofcourse?!) but giant rub for EVERYONE involved. Redemption for Sheamus and Ryback, another notch on taker's belt, and revenge for Trips on Bork. + putting the trips/brock feud, the streak and the shield/ryback beef in one match (it WOULD have to be a lengthy one) saves time for the rest of the card, plus gives taker the chance to take breaks if he's not up for a full on one on one match.

CJ is responsible for the above masterwork
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