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I feel like Bobby Roode is lacking something

So, I'm a huge Roode fan. Love the guy. I think he's one of the best parts of TNA.

That said, I feel like he's lacking something: A distinctive move. Or hell, maybe a few. I know, I know. Wrestling isn't about the moves. Blah blah blah. But the moves you use go a big way in determining your character. I find it hard to get into his matches, because I never know what to look for. I mean, he's got the spinebuster and the fisherman's suplex but why should I care about them? Neither one feels like a big Bobby Roode move to me. By contrast, when I watch Hardy? I know when to watch for the Twist, or the Whisper in the wind. I don't think I'm the only one either. When Bobby hooks that leg for the Payoff, shouldn't there be a pop? There isn't. I don't think you ever hear the crowd respond.

I think he could work on this. Work on developing some distinctive stuff for me to watch for as a fan. Or hell, if he wants to keep using that stuff? Give us a reason why. Give us some vignettes on his love of old school wrestlers. Show us his inspiration. Train us as an audience what to look for.

Anyway, my two cents. Do you agree? Am I wrong on this? When he hits the Spinebuster, do you go "Oh, there's one of his signature moves" or do you just sorts shrug? Let's talk about it, wrestlingforum.
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