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Re: Florida Championship Wrestling 89

Champion and Starr walk off with Greg Gagne, who looks very satisfied with what he has just seen in the ring. Gordon comments "now that's an interesting development" and before he can go further into it, we hear shouts, screams and cheers from the far side of the stadium.

"What in the world.." Gordon exclaims as the cameras quickly move in that direction, and it's Abdullah the Butcher and Kevin Sullivan literally fighting in the audience, halfway up the stadium bleachers. Police and referees are urging them to break it up and move it down to the ring but neither man pay attention. Both have already been bloodied.

Gordon can't believe what he is seeing and mentions this must have been what was going on outside a few minutes ago. The crowd is eating it up as the brawl is being shown on the big screen. Abdullah now has the advantage and is ramming Sullivan's head into the concrete stadium steps, again and again. Abdullah is clearly the crowd favorite, and gets an "Abdullah, Abdullah" chant from many in attendance.

Gary Hart has now made his way to the announcer's table and Gordon says he needs to get Abdullah in control before someone gets seriously hurt. Hart says that's what he's counting on as he related the story of Kevin Sullivan purposely leaving Abdullah behind on their wrestling tour of Australia. Hart says Sullivan couldn't control Abdullah, he didn't want to pay Abdullah the money he owed him, so he just left him in the desert. Abdullah is made of tougher stuff than that, Hart says, as the brawl continues down the stadium into the lower levels were Sullivan has grabbed a conveniently placed chair and repeatedly beats Abdullah in the head.

Hart moves away from the table toward the brawl and Gordon doesn't know whether to believe Hart's story or not. Sullivan continues to beat Abdullah with the chair as the brawl finally reaches the stadium field. Abdullah spots a first down marker and threatens to stab Sullivan with it but before he does, Sullivan tosses fire which narrowly misses.

Sullivan's home run swing has missed and now he is retreating. The brawl finally ends up in the ring and Gordon says the men are moving much slower now due to the punishment they've received and the blood loss. Sullivan gains the advantage after several kicks to the gut but he is unable to take advantage, and actually stumbles and falls out of the ring onto the stadium turf. Abdullah slowly follows up by ramming Sullivan's head into the ring post then takes out Mark Lewin who was injured early and is no match for Abdullah's rage. Gordon says Buzz Sawyer and Cactus Jack have also been incapacitated and can't help.

Finally, the fight goes back to the ring and Sullivan's right eye is swelled shut (legit, after the ram into the ring post). He takes wild swings but doesn't come close. Abdullah catches him with a shoulder block then a running elbow drop finishes the brutal match.

Abdullah, though has trouble getting out of the ring after getting the pin. Emergency crews place each man on a stretcher, an extra large one for Abdullah. They're being carried to the back but both rise from the stretcher and the brawl continues! Police, state troopers and security are being assaulted by Abdullah and Sullivan and Hart gets in a punch or two as he's doing nothing to stop things. The fight continues to the back and Gordon says he's never seen anything like it, and isn't sure if he ever wants to again. The crowd disagrees as the end of the brawl gets a huge roar.
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