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Re: Being the booker

Victoria picks up the obvious win in the fatal 4 way, and after her push, she will give trish a very close match at the ppv. Perhaps not a title change, but still a good chance to crown a new champion

Cabana was a hilarious segment, with some great ripping on Newcastle by Carlito. Myabe we could have seen a bit more on Geordie girls, and maybe he could have tried to imitate a Geordie accent, as that would have made the segment perfect. RVD’s silence is finally broken by Edge, who comes out and says a few things, carrying on his always being screwed gimmick. Edge/RVD at the ppv will be a great match, and it will be an interesting one to read, with both men being tweeneresque

Sting picks up an easy win, giving him some momentum for the ppv

Great Christian promo, and hopefully we will be going over Orton this Sunday

OJ steals one over Eugene, but booker t and goldust make the save, and I guess this leads to a 6 man tag at the ppv, which will be a nice filler match

Good rey promo, putting himself over as someone who will never give up

Nice tag match, which did the usual build up to the ppv stuff. Christian and Orton brawl with each other, as do Carlito and Rey, and the double DQ makes it hard to call a winner at the ppv, with nobody gaining a clear advantage. Perhaps with Christian backing off, it means he might get the win

Taker/A-Train wouldn’t have been a pretty match, but a good one for Taker anyway. Facing him under hardcore rules only for A-Train would have evened the match a bit, and been a nice warm up for Sunday. Taker gets the win, and is looking dominant at the moment

Nice start to the main event segment with a good promo from HBK. Very good main event match, with all 6 men being put over well, and Cena gets the pinfall over Cade at the right time. Big win for the faces, which probably means that they wont both win, and cade and jindrak come out looking the weakest, which is the way the match should have ended. Very strong promo from Cena at the end, and it will be very interesting to see if he leaves Armageddon with the belt


World Heavyweight Championship Match: Last Man Standing Match:
Shawn Michaels vs. John Cena - Something just tells me that HBK will somehow do enough to retain the belt, at least for another month. Dont see Cena getting it back really, and with him coming out of raw strong, this could confirm it

Intercontinental Championship Match:
Rey Mysterio vs. Carlito - Rey will hold the belt for at least a small time longer, and maybe carlito will take the belt, but not just yet

World Tag Team Championships; Ladder Match:
The DX Duo vs. The World’s Greatest Tag Team - This is the match where the title change happens. DX duo have had the belts for a while, and although they are still entertaining, i think new champs is needed

Women’s Championship;
Trish Stratus vs. Victoria - Dont see Trish's title reing ending just yet, but victoria will take the title in a rematch

Legend vs. Legend:
Ric Flair vs. Undertaker
(Flair cannot be disqualified, or counted out, and falls count anywhere)
- Taker has lost so often over the last few ppv's, and he needs a win to get a bit of momentum back. Flair winning would boost him in any way, with him only a part-timer, so Taker must go over

One on One:
Randy Orton vs. Christian - Christian has been a lot as of late, and he will carry on his push with another win here methinks. Orton has been going stale a bit of late, whilst Christian gets better, so he has to take the win

Past vs. Future:
Sting vs. Batista - Batista could do with the win more, as his push has started nicely

Challenge Match:
Edge vs. Rob Van Dam - Wild guess here - this match could go either way, but i think RVD will take the win, with Edge turning fully heel the next night on Raw

6 Man Tag Team Match:
Brotherhood vs. Booker T, Goldust & Eugene - Have had a small push recently, so why night a ppv win as well?
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