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Re: Trish Was Nothing But The Female John Cena

Originally Posted by Legasee View Post
I was more of a Molly and Lita type of guy. Molly is the most underrated diva ever.
Agreed on that.

And Lita was only over because of the Hardys? The Hardys were at their most popular when they were Team Xtreme, which was Lita, Matt and Jeff. And she and Jeff always got the biggest reactions out of the trio when they were together.

I like how everyone forgets the brutal bumps she took or how incredible her athleticism was and still is at the time. When was the last time you saw a diva do a diving hurricanrana to the outside of ring, take a bump off the top of a ladder or the top of a cage?

She got cheered because just like the Hardys, you didn't know what the fuck she was gonna do when she came out, and continued to get cheered after she went solo because she connected with audience in a way that a lot of divas didn't.

And in fact, her reactions were better than Trish the majority of their run together, even in 2003.

And I never really recall Trish getting booed on a regular basis the way Cena was, and she was face and heel a few times in her run, which Cena wasn't. I do think that her title runs were silly, winning it 4x in about a year, to Lita's 1 and Molly and Victoria's 1...when for most of that time she sucked.

But the crowd didn't care about that back then.

And no one brings it up now, especially her leaving with the title for months when she was injured.

I do think she was protected during her run, but the difference is most of the crowd/audience didn't care. She was over enough/loved enough for people to not care about her being protected.

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