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Re: I'll Be Honest I Think Vince Is Gonna Let The Rock Go Over Cena Again At WM29.

Originally Posted by GillbergReturns View Post

Taker vs Lesnar= Predictable outcome. Taker vs Rock= Predictable outcome. Taker vs Sting= Predictable outcome and way too late. As far as CM Punk goes, yeah I would sing a different tune. You guys are putting Punk at a level that he has yet or will never reach. The buzz from a CM Punk victory over The Undertaker will die out quicker than a summer full of worked shoots.

Yeah, I am a big Cena mark (lol). But honest to God, I just don't see anyone else being a legit threat to Taker at this point. I could be wrong though, I am not that biased.

And yeah you are probably right, there are other ways for Cena to turn.

I could be wrong again, but I think Austin's turn failed due to the fact that his run did not last as long as Hogan's or Cena's. He also did not play the same character that Hogan and Cena did as well. Superman (and maybe Captain America) turning into a villain would be bigger than Batman or Spiderman doing the same. I think I'm saying it right.
Just because the finish is predictable doesn't mean it's not enjoyable. The streak has been enjoyable despite only a handful of times were you actually believed he might lose.

While I agree with you that Cena is the most logical choice to end the streak I do think you can make the case for Punk. Punk v Austin is a huge money match and giving him the rub of ending the streak enhances his heel character. You could also have Lesnar be the guy who actually costs Taker the match and set up a proper farewell for Taker. Very unlikely Austin wrestles again with Rock hanging around, and Cena is more committed to the industry than Punk is so I concede Cena is much better, logical and more profitable choice.

I think what separates Hogan's heel turn from Austin's was the NWO. One had a successful marketing campaign behind it and the other didn't. Well that and originality. Heel turns just lost their effect.
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