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Re: I'll Be Honest I Think Vince Is Gonna Let The Rock Go Over Cena Again At WM29.

Originally Posted by GillbergReturns View Post

The Undertaker has more than just the streak. The fact that people feel that his legacy will be tarnished because of a single loss is baffling. I can see Vince putting business before sympathy and having Taker lay down for somebody. I guess I am just different. Taker is going to retire a very rich man with a great legacy regardless of an outcome of a wrestling match. I'm pretty certain he would put business ahead of sympathy as well.

I hate using wrestlers real names, but I don't see Mark Calloway wanting to retire with his streak intact. I can't see us as wrestling fans ever moving on to future Mania legacies if the streak never ended. You guys can't deny that Taker losing would be very historic. Why would you not want to see a moment like that? It's cool to see some of you "smarks" show your inner "markdom" that you had during your childhoods though.
I didn't say I wouldn't want to see Taker lose at Mania. Yeah it would be cool to see but so would Taker v Lesnar, Rock, or even Sting. I can live with either. I think it's cute though that you think that I'm marking out when it's clear that you're just a big Cena mark not that there's anything wrong with that. Replace Cena with Punk and you're gonna sing a different tune.

I think you drastically overrate how much of a rub Cena will get from his heel victory over Taker too. No question about it would be one of the biggest moments in WWE history but so was Austin's heel turn and that led to a heaping pile of nothing. Conversely Hogan turned in a tag match that he wasn't in and it's the greatest heel turn in wrestling history. How they market Cena will decide the impact of his heel turn.

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