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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

I think Taker/Edge main evented for Taker getting another main event, as he should've gotten it the year prior against Batista. Plus Flair didn't want the main event spot, Mayweather/Show wasn't main eventing, and it also did allow the WWE Title match to be more unpredictable. They could've closed the show with Randy winning if they really wanted to, much like at WM25 which is how it should've went down.

Also it could be argued as a bigger match, though it is close. Taker was/is the biggest star of that Mania as far as WWE guys go, but the combination of Cena, HHH, and Orton, plus it being on Raw arguably made for a bigger feud and match than Taker/Edge.

I disagree. Benoit's WM20 victory and celebration is still far ahead of Punk's entire career. Not to mention other accomplishments like making all time greats (Angle, HHH, HBK, ROCK etc) tap out and being one of only 2 Rumble winners starting at #1. I also don't think number of World Titles makes you bigger. Edge has not surpassed Hogan or Austin just because he has more title reigns to his name for instance.

And you make some very good points on the second paragraph. I admit I used to come across as an overly obsessed troll with Punk at one point but thankfully, it's getting phased out now. I barely post in the ratings thread, I don't raid every topic about him (although I still post in some of them which I'll try to minimize) and I don't make hyperbole statements about him in here or elsewhere.

From this point on, the only acknowledgment he gets from me is when rating PPVs or matches which means mostly in this thread. That and maybe if there's ridiculous threads like "Punk has surpassed HHH".
Benoit's celebration with Eddie at WM20 was an incredible moment, and I would put it above anything Punk has, but I think Punk's victory against Cena at MITB 2011 rivals it. Besides that and Benoit's WHC run, he was a lower main-eventer at best, and all around I'd put Punk's run in the main event above Benoit's as far as impact goes (not that either has made that big of an impact), and it was far more entertaining for me. As far as on an all-time GOAT list, Punk's just done more to be higher. Benoit's career was cut-short and it wasn't a main event big-time career anyway. It was a great journey, building up the card and becoming one of if not the best work-horses in wrestling history, and all of it peaking at WM20 with his World Title win, but Punk has a similar career, only his main event run has amounted to more (imo).

To each his own, I don't think Punk is indisputably above Benoit or anything like that, but he's done enough to surpass him, and surpassing Benoit on an all-time list not pure-wrestling based isn't something that's that big to me. Same with Eddie Guerrero, though I'm a huge mark for Eddie's work all around and as an all-around talent I'd put him above Punk... and pretty much everyone, but his career was cut short and it peaked only at his WWE Title win and outside of that run, he was more or less a career mid-carder/lower main eventer. I was a bigger Eddie mark than I was Punk mark as well. I do think it's closer between Eddie and Punk though and I may even be inclined to personally put Eddie above Punk... maybe.

That's my thoughts on that. And yeah, stop hating Punk. Let us marks of his enjoy him while he's still around (if what he implies his true, he may not have as long as us marks would like left).

I'm watching you...

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