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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

The reason Taker/Edge main evented is because of the "fans go home happy" rule. They wouldn't have the triple threat close the show as Orton, the heel, walked out the winner. Of course that's not a rule that always stays as shown two years ago with The Miz beating Cena but there was The Rock to stand tall as the final sight of the show.

Originally Posted by The Rawk View Post
Sure, you could even say Punk has surpassed Benoit as far as all-around goes, though Benoit's much better in the ring.

And while I get that Punk is very relevant and that would make a hater's blood boil and makes it hard for them to ignore him, the best way to attack something you hate is to not acknowledge it when it comes to WWE. Cena becoming as big as he is is just as much due to the hate he gets from adults as opposed to the love he gets from kids. It's locked him in as a controversial figure in WWE for all-time, and I'm sure the Cena hate only fuels those that like him to like him even more.

I mean, if the amount of people who dislike a guy like... say... Barrett (as it appears on this forum) would acknowledge it at every WWE event, WWE wouldn't have much of a choice but to push him. Because the crowd remains silent for him, WWE can continue ignoring him and could release him any day and nobody would care.
I disagree. Benoit's WM20 victory and celebration is still far ahead of Punk's entire career. Not to mention other accomplishments like making all time greats (Angle, HHH, HBK, ROCK etc) tap out and being one of only 2 Rumble winners starting at #1. People underestimate Benoit's legacy IMO. It may be because of how WWE has removed him from their history but he still achieved everything one can except the WWE Championship. Plus he's one of the only few to be a triple crown winner in WCW AND WWE. I also don't think number of World Titles makes you bigger. Edge has not surpassed Hogan or Austin just because he has more title reigns to his name for instance.

And you make some very good points on the second paragraph. I admit I used to come across as an overly obsessed troll with Punk at one point but thankfully, it's getting phased out now. I barely post in the ratings thread, I don't raid every topic about him (although I still post in some of them which I'll try to minimize) and I don't make hyperbole statements about him in here or elsewhere.

From this point on, the only acknowledgment he gets from me is when rating PPVs or matches which means mostly in this thread. That and maybe if there's ridiculous threads like "Punk has surpassed HHH".
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