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Re: Who are your least favorite 5 TV characters of all time?

Without just saying "the cast of" a show I fucking hate like Mad Men, which could easily be all 5 spots, I'll try to come up with characters from shows I actually like or, in the first case, at least watched a ton of it. It's difficult to pick 5, there's so many annoying characters out there.

Skyler White (Breaking Bad) - Annoying bitch

Maria LaGuerta (Dexter) - Annoying bitch

Joan Callamezzo (Parks and Recreation) - Annoying bitch

Carmella Soprano (The Sopranos) - Annoying bitch


I can't think of another annoying bitch right now that I feel like listing so I'll try something else. Not to mention I don't want to make all my characters women and feel like some kind of sexist, I really do like some women characters.

Greased Up Deaf Guy (Family Guy) - Just.....WHY does this character have a fucking existence? It's not funny, it was NEVER funny, even in the show's prime, and I like pretty much every character on the show, even Meg because as bad as she is, the whole point of her is to BE bad so that she becomes the butt of the joke. There's no point to this guy.

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