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It's amazing how many people buy into Kobe being better than Lebron, simply because Jordan said he'd take Kobe. I think MJ is a little worried that the Heat are read to rattle off a run like MJ had, and LBJ could challenge him for the greatest ever spot. If Lebron wins two, then that will be tying him with Kobe because Kobe rode Shaq to three rings - Shaq was finals MVP all three of those titles (and to be completely fair - one of those titles they do not deserve because the Sacramento Kings were straight up robbed). Lebron stated judging greatness on titles alone is a bit unfair, and he's dead right. Is Bill Russell the GOAT instead of Jordan? Using Jordan's own logic - yeah he is I guess.

Magic Johnson: "If MJ and LBJ played 1 on 1 ten times, MJ would win all ten!"

I think it's kinda laughable to think Lebron wouldn't win a single game to be honest.

Lebron > Kobe all day long. More clutch and a far easier guy to like. He's not even close to the same level of douchebag that Kobe Bryant is. As a Celtics fan - Lebron's notions to the Heat crowd last year to get Miami fans to stop booing but to cheer for the Celtics last game as the Big 3 - did not go unnoticed. Nor should it by other fans of other teams. The guy's biggest flaw has been "The Decision" which to be fair was a joke, but he was like 24/25 and still a kid. He's not out raping people or anything.

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