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Re: Should TNA get a new music composer?

Originally Posted by TNAmarkFromIndia View Post
I know this isn't very probable since Dale's been there since the very beginning for TNA, but most of his themes just flat out suck. Not worth listening to at all. It's no surprise either, this guy has a background in country music. How well does country music and wrestling go together (unless it's a guy like James Storm that we're talking about)? Even Harry Slash produced some memorable themes for ECW. Wrestling themes are an important part of the product. Some themes even get wrestlers more over than their talents deserve them to. The production quality of Dale's themes is crap too. He has had a few decent themes, but he's also been doing this so long and yet it still isn't anything worth writing home about. It's probably not in their "to-do lists" right now or any time soon, but do you think TNA should get a new music composer?
How well does Country music and wrestling go together? Ask Jimmy Hart.

A person's personal musical taste and background isn't an automatic disqualifier on whether or not they will make shitty ass theme music. The majority of the stuff Dale Oliver has put out has been ass and generic ass at that. Instead of creating songs that can sell and POUND throughout the arena to get people hyped...he just takes the WCW (let's pull some Viacom bumper music) road and it makes TNA look low rent in comparison. Eric Bischoff comes out to the same music he did in WCW. Hogan comes out to the NWO theme. Gail Kim and Tara's theme are water-down versions of their WWE theme. Its time for something someone new and someone who doesn't take their music cues from WWE or want to be generic music WCW heaven.

Right now there are only a few good themes in TNA. People who have music that as soon as I hear I KNOW. Its them. TNA needs not to go the nu-metal route of WWE, but needs to create their own identity desperately.
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