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Re: Being the booker

Carlito/Eugene will be a good match to open the show, and so it was. Eugene almost picked up the victory, but in the end, Carlito just had too much for him, even if he did have to cheat to win the match. Carlito/Rey at Armageddon will be a good match, which at the moment I am split on, with their being positives for both guys winning

Ladder match will be a good one, and this good be the end of the DX duo’s title reign

Possible split within DX there, with HBK insulting the tag team. Interesting to see if this leads to something, or was just the way the promo came out, which is more what I expect it to be

Luther picks up the win over Shelton, but by cheating not to make him look to weak. Haas taken out by the tag champs after the match builds up the feud nicely, and the ladder match is looking a good one

Oh dear – Mark Henry! Why? And by the looks of things, I can see a ppv match between him and Eugene. Actually, it has just occurred to me that he has been on the roster for a while, but not keen on giving him a push.

Christian wants Orton one on one, and I’m sure he will get that, and at Armageddon he does, after Flair tries to give him the match earlier. Nice reasoning from Christian/Tomko as to why he can’t face him tonight, and the ppv match will be a good one, and I can see Christian picking up the win. Lol at Tomko and Christian with the mind thing

Kennedy as the announcer was just gold, and one of the best uses off him that I have seen. Great stuff from him, and a good way to liven up a contract signing, which are pretty dull normally. Last man standing match with DX barred from ringside will be a good match, and should be a nice way to end the feud, and I think that somehow, HBK will have enough to retain the belt.

Batista/Sting feud will be interesting, and will be good to see where this goes. Taker coming up and helping Sting was good to see, but not quite sure how this is going to end up, as a tag match would make sense, but I don’t see Flair booking that.

Good to see Edge coming back, and it will be interesting to see whether he returns as a face, which technically he was, or a heel, which he was turning to.

Good win for Trish, and then the Victoria attack confirms she is the next challenger. Should be a good ppv match when it happens

RVD silence is working well, and it will be interesting to see whether he does ever speak again

Handicap match next week will be unfair on Cena, as I presume Luther Reigns will be the mystery “partner”

Strange to see Booker and Goldust in the main event after they have done nothing for ages. Big win for Orton here, pinning Christian clean after reversing the unprettier, which tends to make me believe that Christian will get his win back on the ppv. Orton as a face is still not doing much for me at the moment, but hopefully added a bit more edge to his character would work better
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