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Match 1
Billy Kidman vs. Super Crazy (WWE Crusierweight Title)
Super Crazy wins via Triple Moonsault to become Crusierweight Champion.

Kidman extends his hands and shake. Then Kidman attacks Super Crazy. He continues to assault him with a chair and repeatly attacks him.

Match 2
(World Tag Team Titles)
Dreamer and Jeff Hardy vs. Sabu and Rhyno (Singapore Cane)
After Dreamer, Sabu, and Rhyno enter. Jeff Hardy enters the ring. They battle in a bloody Singapore Cane Match. Eventually Jeff Hardy accidentally hits Dreamer as Rhyno hits a Gore. 1-2-3 new champions.

Match 3
(WWE Tag Team Titles)
TMW vs. Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas
TMW win from interference on Rikishi's part. Shelton and Charlie ger revenge on them all as they run away.

Match 4
(Women's Title)
Victoria vs. Molly vs. Trish Stratus
The match ends in DQ after a asian female superstar interferes and takes out Molly and Trish. She leaves holding her hands raised with Victoria.

Match 5
(WWE Title)
Chris Beniot vs. The Undertaker
after 15 minutes of the match. Undertaker hits the chokeslam. 1-2 kickout. Undertaker hits the Last Ride. 1-2- kickout. Beniot counters the tombstone into 15 German Suplexes. 1-2 kickout. Beniot moves in for the Crippler Undertaker refuses to tap. He reaches the ropes and delivers the tombstone. 1-2- kickout. Undertaker is furious. TCB. Benoit refuses to tap. Beniot rolls up Taker. 1-2-3. Beniot wins at 23:03. Beniot gets the crap beaten out of him by Taker.

Match 6
(World Title)
Shawn Michaels vs. Rob Van Dam (Ladder Match)
Shawn Michaels and RVD battle into 20 minutes in the match. Shawn climbs the ladder and does a body splash. He climbs it RVD knocks Michaels to the outside. On the side of the barricade RVD goes on the turnbuckle. He jumps to the outside and delivers a Van Terminator on Michaels with a ladder instead of a chair. He climbs for the belt. But HHH Nash, and Steiner come in and attack RVD as Michaels grabs the belt at 30:02.

The Royal Rumble Match
Chris Jericho enters the ring #1. Chavo Guerrero is #2. Jericho is ambushed by Triple H and Nash before they are even in. They throw Jericho over but is not eliminated due to him being eliminated by illegal men. #3 enters its D-von Dudley. Him and Chavo battle it out. D-von is almost eliminated by Chavo until #4 comes out. It is Bubba Ray Dudley. They team up against Chavo and 3D him. They Throw Chavo out as the first elimination. #5 is Matt Hardy. He enters and attacks D-von and Bubba Ray. Jericho comes back in and eliminates Bubba Ray Dudley as the second elimination. #6 comes out Billy Gunn. Billy starts heavy attacks on Dvon and Jericho. As #7 enters its Kane. He starts tearing apart the ring as he eliminates D-von and Billy Gunn. Matt Hardy and Kane team up on Jericho as they try to throw him out. Before they can it is time for number 8. It is one of Smackdown's mystery entries Nathan Jones. He comes in and teams with Kane and almost eliminate Jericho. Jericho hangs on to apron. Kane and Nathan Jones attack each other until #9 comes out. It is Eddie Guerrero. He comes straight towards Matt Hardy and quickly delivers a Frog Splash. He continues to beat the crap of outta Hardy. Nathan delivers the choke slam on Kane. He tries throwing him over the ring as #10 enters it is Tajiri. He goes quickly to Jericho. The rest of the competors fight until number 11 comes out. It is Raw mystery entry is Goldberg. He comes in and beats the holy hell out of everyone in the ring. He eliminates Tajiri as the 5th elimination. He delivers the spear to Eddie, Matt, and Jericho. Kane and Nathan continue to fight as they decide to double team Goldberg. Number 12 enters as Kanyon comes down to ring. He attacks Matt Hardy and almost eliminates him. As he thinks he eliminated Hardy, Eddie Guerrero eliminates Kanyon as the 6th elimination.. Eddie says nobody eliminates Hardy but him. #13 enters as it Kurt Angle. He enters the ring to beat up Eddie Guerrero. Matt Hardy hits the Twist of Fate on Eddie as Angle hits the Angle Slam and eliminates Eddie as the 7th elimination. #14 comes out as the Big Show enters the ring. He, Angle, Matt Hardy triple team Jericho. They deliver the chokeslam, angle lock, and side effect to Jericho. Before they try to eliminate Jericho #15 comes out. Its Booker T. He comes in and attacks Angle and Matt Hardy. Big Show charges after him and gets tossed over by Booker (elimination 8). As they continue the two on two battle. Goldberg then continues to attack Nathan and Kane. #16 comes out. Edge enters the ring and spears Kane and Nathan Jones. Edge gets speared by Goldberg. He moves to do the jackhammer, Edge counters and surpisingly throws out Goldberg as elimination #9. Just as that happens #17 arrives. It is Raven. Nothing of importances happens except Raven attacks Booker T and Jericho on the end. #18 enter as the Hurricane comes out. He moves in to help Edge and almost throws out Kane. Kane turns around and choke slams Hurricane out of the ring. (Elimination 10). Booker T. hits the scizzors kick on Raven and throws him out (Elimination 11) Number 19 enters. It is Brock Lesnar. He eliminates Booker T. and Edge Elimination 12 and 13.) They all wait for Jericho to get up. Instead Hardy, Angle, and Lesnar turn around and eliminate Kane and Nathan Jones (Eliminations #14 and 15) Next comes out #20 it is Test. He tries to assist Jericho but is quickly subdued. #21 enters as it is Chuck Palumbo. He tries his best but is quickly eliminated by Lesnar (Elimination 16). #22 is Batista. The aliiance of Angle, Matt Hardy, and Brock Lesnar offer his membership in the group but he attacks them instead. #23 comes out is the other Smackdown mystery superstar is Stone Cold Steve Austin he comes in and stuns everyone in the ring. He stands their as #24 enters its John Cena as elimination 17. He is quickly eliminated by Austin. Austin grabs the mic and says he would like to stay but he wishes death to sports entertainment as he eliminates himself #18. #25 is Rikishi enters and attacks Batista. He is quickly subdued by Batista and is eliminated #19. #26 is Christian. He teams up with Jericho and attacks Angle, Lesnar, and Hardy. #27 comes out as its the last mystery entry the Rock. He flips off the crowd and goes crazy eliminating in order, Christian, Test, and Batista (Elimination #20, 21, 22. Angles Alliance shake the Rocks hand and surpise the Rock by eliminating him #23. As they taunt them Jericho flips Lesnar out #24. boots Angle over #25. He then monkey tosses Hardy over #26. Jericho is the only remainng superstar left. #28 is Scott Steiner. Steiner delivers a chair shot to Jericho and constantly attacks him. #29 comes out and its Nash. They wait in the ring until #30 Triple H comes out. They taunt Jericho forming the Kliq sign HBK comes out and sits at ringside. They move to attack Jericho, but Jericho hits everyone of them. He tosses Steiner over #27. Nash tries to Jackknife him out is counter by a hurricanrana outta the ring #28. It is just Jericho and Triple H. They battle for 15 minutes. Jericho lasting over an hour and 15 minutes is almost toss out thanks to Michaels assistance. Triple H demands Michaels so that Jericho can be eliminated. He irish whips him but is countered Triple H is eliminated at number 29. Jericho wins Jericho wins.

Winner Jericho at 1:23:34


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