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Final Raw before Royal Rumble

Its is shown that there will be an over the top rope challenge for the spot of what position they want in the rumble featuring Triple H, Kevin Nash, Scott Steiner, and Kane. And that HBK will face Booker with Rob Van Dam in Booker's Corner.

Match 1
Sabu and Rhyno vs. Tommy Dreamer (Handicap Singapore Cane Match)
Sabu and Rhyno beat down on Tommy Dreamer. A double shot with the Singapore Cane.

A video is then shown of all the things Dreamer trying to do to get Jeff back on Television but he still refuses

Match 2
Raven vs. Test (Hardcore Title)
Raven bloodies Test with several chairshots. Raven eventually wins thanks to interference on Steiner.

Match 3
Trish vs. Victoria w/guest referee Molly Holly
Trish thanks to the officating of Molly.

Match 4
Booker T. vs Shawn Michaels (Non-title)
Booker T. wins thanks to Rob Van Dam's interference. They stare down each other for what seems like an enternity. Then they preview there ladder by performing some stunts off the ladder.

Chris Jericho enters the ring.

Jericho: It is as simple as this Hunter. I want in the Rumble and if not I leave to Smackdown.

Hunter: Fine (he laughs hard at Jericho) You can take Storm's spot. (Hunter laughs even harder) Now you may face Batista

Match 5
Batista vs. Chris Jericho
Jericho wins with a Walls of Jericho. Triple H watches and laughs the whole match.

Over the top rope challenge: HHH vs. Kevin Nash vs. Steiner vs. Kane
They triple team Kane out and the three members of the Kliq. They stare down and Nash and Steiner jump over the top rope. Triple H is the winner after 30 seconds.

Triple H: You see Jericho. You think I am stupid. Having the Rumble become Jericho's night will not happen. I laughed at you not because of Batista, not of your enterants in the match. But the fact that if I won this match not only could I choose my position, but the position of anyone one else I want. So naturally I pick number 30 and you Chris Jericho are number 1.

End of Show

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