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WWE Smackdown 4th Week

Welcome to Crusierweight Action

Match 1
Nunzio vs. Funaki
Nunzio wins with an Arrivederci

Match 2
Tajiri vs. Ultimo Dragon
Ultimo Dragon wins with a Dragon Sleeper.

Match 3
Super Crazy vs. Billy Kidman vs. Shannon Moore
Super Crazy and Billy Kidman beat up Moore. Billy Kidman and Super Crazy battle on for a bloody twenty minutes. They knock each other out as Shannon picks up a quick pin.

Super Crazy and Billy Kidman continue to argue.

End of Crusierweight Action.

Eric Bischoff comes out.

Eric: Triple H your taking me down huh. Well Hunter. I would just like to let you know that our ratings have increased by .5. The company will live to see Wrestlemania. Having said that the last four enterants in the Rumble are. Shannon Moore, Jamie Billy Gunn, Chuck Palumbo and Rikishi. Our two suprises will be announce as the enter the actual match. Tonight the Samoans as they want be called are facing Shelton, Charlie, and Kanyon tonight. Tonight Edge and Beniot team up to face Undertaker and the Big Show. And Finally Eddie Guerrero faces Matt Hardy in a rematch from last week. Oh and by the way we will have a suprise guest facing Kurt Angle in a submission match.

Match 1
John Cena vs. Billy Gunn
John Cena wins from interference from B2's return, but before they can do anything Chuck comes out to help his partner.

Match 2
Matt Hardy vs. Eddie Guerrero
Matt Hardy cheats by his feet on the ropes.

Match 3
????? vs. Kurt Angle (submission match)
The mystery oppenet is Chris Jericho. Jericho beats Angle via Walls of Jericho.

Jericho grabs the mic.

Jericho: It is as easy as this Hunter. Me in the Royal Rumble or Bischoff has more firepower.

Match 4
The Samoans vs. Shelton Benjamin, Charlie Hass, and Kanyon
Rikishi superkicks Charlie Haas for the win. TMW goes on to continue to beat up TMW.

Edge and Chris Beniot vs. The Undertaker and Big Show
The Undertaker wins via tombstone on Beniot.

Undertaker: It is as simple as this Beniot. You can't beat me.

End of Show.

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