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Re: OML and Bradley's WWE 2011

So I have decided to pick back up where I left off. Bradley is no longer working on this thread so I will be taking the reigns on both shows. I have been working on the shows and they are coming along nicely. For anyone who is going to start following this thread who doesn’t feel like going back and reading the full episode of Raw and Smackdown that was posted I will recap them. Both the Raw I wrote and the Smackdown Bradley posted will be kept and I will continue from there. Here are the breif recaps of both.

Raw Recap 7/18/11

• Mr. McMahon comes out and addresses last nights events. He says that what he feared would happened has happened as CM Punk is gone from wwe and he has the title. And the man to blame is John Cena. He says Cena will be addressed later tonight, but he promises to keep his word. As for the WWE title, Vince says he is going to void Punk’s name from history and will crown a new wwe champion tonight!! He says no one man is bigger than the WWE and we will move on and pretend Punk never existed. The 8 men in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match last night will compete in an 8 man ladder match for the WWE title!!

• Dolph Ziggler says everyone should forget about the WWE Title and recognize the true champion on Raw, The United States Champion, Dolph Ziggler. Zack Ryder comes out with his Internet title. The two exchange insults before they set up a one on one non title match. Ryder pulls the upset win after he counted the Zig Zag by holding onto the ropes and rolling up Ziggler for the victory.

• Scott Standford interviewed Miz about the Money in the Bank match. Miz talks about how tough he is coming back from the leg injury. He says tonight he will become WWE Champion because he is the Miz and he’s awesome!

• Eve, Kelly Kelly, and Beth Phoenix vs The Bella Twins and Maryse ends in a no contest when the anonymous Raw GM says he is tired of the Divas and the match will be stopped.

• Alberto Del Rio comes out and brags about he won the Money in the Bank ladder match. He says this isn’t fair as there isn’t a champion to cash in on. He says tonight he will win the same match he did last night, and become WWE Champion. Rey Mysterio comes out and expresses how upset he was with the ending of the Money in the Bank Ladder Match last night. Not that Del Rio won, but how he did. He unmasked Rey, which Rey took as a slap in the face to his heritage and family. He calls out Del Rio for ditching his mask from when he wrestled in Mexico as Dos Caras Jr. He keeps as Del Rio why he would do it? Is he ashamed of his family? Del Rio avoids the questions and leaves the ring with his briefcase.

• New Nexus defeats Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov with help of Mason Ryan. After the match, Ryan attacks McGuillicutty and Otunga.

• 8 Man Ladder Match for the WWE Championship featuring Miz, Alex Riley, R-Truth, Jack Swagger, Evan Bourne, Alberto Del Rio, Kofi Kingston, & Rey Mysterio is an epic ladder match that goes nearly 20 minutes. Various highlights Bourne’s Air Bourne from the turnbuckle to the outside taking out 6 men! Followed by Kingston jumping off the ladder with a boom drop taking out all 7 men. The battle continues as all men have taken a beating, eventually Kingston walks across the ladders like Jeff Hardy at Wrestlemania x7. Another huge spot was Truth superplexing Bourne off the ladder through the announce table!! Everyone is now out with just Miz and Mysterio climbing the ladder when..

Punk on the titantron from the cubs game says “I hope you enjoy battling for the fake title, because I am holding the WWE title. Vince can pretend I don’t exist but I will ruin Vince McMahon.” Someone in the production truck cuts off the feed.

Vince McMahon comes out and says ignore what Punk just said and continue this match!! The superstars take what Punk said to heart as Riley, Kingston, & Mysterio all go to the back. Vince is irate at the disobedience they are showing. He tells Miz to get the title. Miz hesitates but eventually climbs for the title. John Cena comes out and pushes over the ladder as Miz falls across the top rope followed by an AA. Vince is pissed at this. Cena says Punk is right that this is killing the prestige of the title. You cant erase the history of the title. Vince says until Vince has the real wwe title in his hands… John Cena YOURE FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Smackdown Recap 7/22/11

Christian comes out and says he doesn’t get why people are booing him, he won the title fairly and Orton is the one who should be booed for losing his temper and getting DQ’d. He talks about how he got in Orton’s head. He calls him a psychopath. Christian than gets upset that despite winning the World Heavyweight Championship, the entire buzz is about CM Punk or Cena getting fired. He says that he is a champion and role model everyone can look up to.

Orton comes out and says even though he lost it was through deceit and he was never pinned. Christian once again like on Sunday gets in Orton’s head, which gets Orton’s temper going. Christian tells Orton that in the contract it clearly states if Orton got DQ’d not only would he loose his title but he wouldn’t get a rematch. Teddy Long comes out and says Orton will get a chance next week to earn a rematch in a number 1 contenders match against Mark Henry where the winner will face Christian at Summerslam.

Teddy Long also announces at Summerslam there will be a 6 man World Heavyweight Championship Showcase Match with the winner facing the World Champion at Night of Champions. Qualifying matches will begin next week on Smackdown

• Cody Rhodes defeats Ezekiel Jackson to become the new Intercontinental Champion with a distraction from Wade Barrett. Jackson was impressive kicking out of the Cross Rhodes, but the numbers were too much with Rhodes, Dibiase, and Barrett as well.

• Todd Grisham interviews Mark Henry. Henry talks about his path of destruction and how dominant he has been. He says he has taken out the Big Show permanently. He says he will continue that tonight in the tag match and then next week he will destroy Orton and go onto become the new World Champion.

• Daniel Bryan comes out and celebrates winning the Money in the Bank. He screams “ I did it”. He then says he has worked so hard to get where he is and continues to prove people like Michael Cole wrong. Daniel Bryan says he wants to win the championship in a respectable way. He is about to reveal when the match will be when Cole cuts him off and says he cant wait to see Bryan be the first one to fail to cash in. Bryan then reveals he will cash in his Money in the Bank in November at Madison Square Garden

• Sheamus and Sin Cara battle in a competitive match that Sheamus wins via count out. Sheamus destroys Cara with a powerbomb on the outside of the ring!!! EMT’s put Cara on the stretcher and take him to the back. Sheamus shows no remorse.

• An executive from the board tells Teddy Long he will be keeping a close eye on him and his job performance.

• Daniel Bryan defeats Tyson Kidd in a very competitive match with the Lebell Lock.

• Teddy Long tells Gabriel and Slater they will face off next week in the championship showcase qualifier. They brawl and are pulled apart.

• Christian and Mark Henry defeat Kane and Randy Orton in a standard TV main event tag match. Henry wins with the Worlds Strongest Slam on Kane. After the match Orton RKO’s Christian on the floor. In the ring Orton and Henry go face to face. Orton tries an RKO but Henry reverses and hits the Worlds Strongest Slam.

I will post a raw preview in the next few days.. Comments welcomed
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