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Re: WWE 2013 - A New Path

February 15, 2013

Mississippi Coast Coliseum; Biloxi, Mississippi

Josh Matthews and JBL welcome the television audience to the final installment of Friday Night SmackDown before Sunday’s Elimination Chamber pay per view. Matthews says that they have a tremendous night of action scheduled for tonight, including the return of John Morrison to the ring, as well as a huge six man tag match involving all members of SmackDown’s Elimination Chamber! Things immediately kick off on SmackDown as ’Ain’t No Make Believe’ hit the P.A System, the Biloxi crowd cheering loudly for the return of John Morrison.

Opening Contest – Singles Match
Curt Hawkins vs. John Morrison

-Morrison certainly came out firing on all cylinders, wanting to give the WWE Universe a show in his return. He landed several huge dropkicks to Hawkins, followed by some innovative takedowns that had the fans cheering in amazement. Hawkins did his best to fight back against Morrison, getting a lengthy bit of offense in against the returning superstar, but John Morrison was not going to lose this contest. While Hawkins gave an impressive showing, Morrison eventually set him up near the turnbuckle and delivered Starship Pain, before covering Curt and getting the three count!-
Winner – John Morrison

A loud, standing ovation was awaiting Morrison after the three count and he stood to his feet, flashing a huge smile as he seemed happy to be back inside a WWE ring. In the backstage area Randy Orton and Sheamus stood toe to toe, eyeing one another carefully. The potential clash of these two superstars made for an interesting response from the crowd, Orton telling Sheamus that he’s waited quite a while to recapture the World Heavyweight Title and he will stop at nothing to recapture it, even striking Sheamus down. This brought a laugh from the Irishman who said he wouldn’t have it any other way, because that’s exactly what he’s going to do this Sunday, be the last man left standing inside the Chamber. The two men give one another a respectful nod before heading off in different directions.

Switching over, Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston are sitting inside their locker-room talking to one another. Ziggler still is angered at the fact that the General Manager, Booker T, has made him one of the first participants to start inside the Chamber. Big E tells Dolph not to worry, because once they are both inside the Chamber together, then they can execute their plan of making sure Dolph is crowned the next World Heavyweight Champion. This thought seems to calm Dolph’s nerves a bit, but he is still nonetheless agitated as SmackDown fades to a commercial break.

—Commercial Break—

Match Two – Singles Match
Daniel Bryan w/ Kane vs. Darren Youn w/ Titus O’Neil

-Just two days away from their tag team title encounter and we got to see a small glimpse at the potential contest these four men would put on. Darren Young took the upper-hand early against Bryan, who was distracted by arguing with Kane on the outside. This would be a prevailing theme throughout the match as anytime Bryan mounted a strong attack, he would somehow manage to start arguing with Kane who stood on the outside. Young looked impressive going one on one with the technically gifted Bryan, managing several near falls throughout the contest. Even though his partner was doing well, that didn’t stop Titus O’Neil from getting involved and halting a potential Bryan comeback, only to have the Big Red Machine come around and knock him down with a clothesline. This seemed to buy Daniel enough time, as Darren Young and the referee both were yelling out at Kane to stop, but when Young turned around he was instantly taken down and locked into the No Lock! The crowd roared as Young had nowhere to go and eventually was forced to tap out!-
Winner – Daniel Bryan

Bryan got to his feet and celebrated, the crowd beginning to chant ‘Yes! Yes! Yes!’ causing Bryan to respond with ‘No!’ every time. His partner climbed into the ring, watching as Bryan paraded around the ring screaming ‘No’ at the top of his lungs. The two men then glanced toward one another, Kane shaking his head and exiting the squared circle, leaving Daniel Bryan to stand there bewildered before quickly following after him, the two men arguing all the way into the backstage area.

The cameras slowly switched over as the Intercontinental Champion was standing by with Matt Striker. Striker informs everyone that it was actually Barrett who called for this interview, before allowing Wade to say what he needed to. The Champion called into question SmackDown’s Elimination Chamber, wondering how the GM came to the conclusion of those five opponents for Alberto Del Rio? Barrett stated that he has looked more impressive that any of them, before telling Striker that it should be him who is inside the Chamber with the chance of capturing the World Heavyweight Title. It seemed as though Booker T had overheard and had enough, stepping into the picture. Booker demanded Barrett repeat himself, which Wade had no trouble doing, before adding that he questions the overall ability and competence that Booker T has with this job. This sent the GM over the edge as he began to take off his suit jacket and undo his tie, Barrett halting him and warning him not to embarrass himself. That’s when Booker slowly nodded his head, before telling Wade Barrett that tonight he would be competing in a match and when Barrett asked who his opponent was, Booker responded that it was none other than…the GM himself!

After the shocking announcement the cameras returned to ringside as Josh Matthews and JBL discussed what had just transpired. JBL didn’t seem to like what Booker was doing, thinking that this may be a grave mistake, but Matthews defended him, telling JBL that Booker had had enough of Barrett belittling him as the GM. They transitioned from that into announcing that the next time the WWE would be on pay per view would be April 7th in East Rutherford, New Jersey for WrestleMania 29! However, before the WWE headed there, they would be in New Orleans for the Elimination Chamber and here’s what was in store.

—Video Package Hyping The Elimination Chamber Pay Per View—

Back from the commercial break and we see Booker T warming up as he heads down toward the entrance way. He is stopped by several superstars on his way, trying to get him to reconsider, but each man is met with the same intent stare and Booker telling them that this is something he has to do. One by one they wish him luck as it switches over back to the ringside for the start of the next contest.

Match Three – Non Title – Singles Match
Booker T vs. Wade Barrett

-Wade Barrett didn’t seem to take this match too seriously in the beginning, but when Booker T came out with a point to prove and blasted Barrett with several right hands. The crowd cheered loudly as Booker continued to push the pace and the action onto Wade, causing him to duck under the ropes on several occasions to get the referee to back Booker up. It was doing this that allowed Barrett to gain the advantage, as the referee was pushing Booker back Wade raked his eyes before nailing him with a big clothesline. Barrett took control from there, brutally assaulting the General Manager with stiff punches and boots, the commentators plugging in how Booker was well past his wrestling days. Matthews wanted the referee to stop this carnage, but obviously it did not happen, Barrett lifting his General Manager slowly onto his shoulders before landing Wasteland! From there he covered Booker, but yanked him up when the referee got to a two count, grinning as the crowd booed him heavily. The Intercontinental Champion then proceeded to deliver a second and third Wasteland before lifting Booker back to his feet. Barrett’s elbow pad was pulled down, Booker clearly out on his feet and he pulled the GM forward landing a vicious Bull Hammer! Finally, Barrett laid casually on top of Booker, not even hooking a leg as the referee counted the three!-
Winner – Wade Barrett

He slowly stood up to his feet, still grinning as he looked down at the down and out General Manager. He was showered with boo’s from the Biloxi crowd as his arms were raised in victory. Barrett was handed his Intercontinental Title and he then exited the squared circle, the referee and medical personnel checking on Booker T who was still out. The cameras faded to a commercial break, everyone wondering if Booker T was going to be able to recover from this.

—Commercial Break—

Back from the break and a live shot of Booker T is shown being escorted to an ambulance on a stretcher. Just as they are about to load the General Manager into the ambulance, Wade Barrett makes another appearance, walking up beside the stretcher and looking down towards Booker T. He tells the GM that he brought all of this on himself and maybe now he won’t be overlooked when it comes to the World Heavyweight Title. The medical team lift Booker T into the waiting ambulance, close the doors and usher it off to the nearest medical facility as Barrett stares off in its direction with a sick grin.

Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez are shown backstage having just watched all that had transpired on one of the flat-screens, shaking their heads in disgust. Suddenly a laugh could be heard behind them, both men snapping around as the Big Show stepped into the picture. He tells the World Champion that what Barrett just did to Booker will pale in comparison to what happens to Del Rio this Sunday inside that Chamber. Show says that he is going to make sure Del Rio bleeds and that he won’t stop until he has sent Del Rio crashing into every bullet-proof glass pad and every chain-link wall. The Champion then cut him off, telling the Big Show that he talks a big game, but even with all of his chances, he has still yet to deliver on any of them and Del Rio feels that Elimination Chamber will bring more of the same. Del Rio and Ricardo slowly back away, laughing and smiling, telling Big Show that on Sunday it will just be yet another failed attempt at regaining Del Rio’s World Title.

—Commercial Break—

Ryback was standing by with Matt Striker and he was asked about last week’s assault by The Shield. He told Striker that he thought his run-ins with The Shield were over, but last week clearly proved otherwise. Ryback says that it may not be next week, it may not be next month, but at some point he is going to get his hands on each and every member of The Shield and take them out. One by one, as he takes them out you will hear everyone in the WWE Universe along with Ryback chanting ‘FEED ME MORE’! This starts a huge chant from the sold-out crowd as SmackDown fades back to the ring.

Main Event – Six Man Tag Team Match – Normal Tag
Big E Langston & Big Show & Dolph Ziggler vs. Alberto Del Rio & Randy Orton & Sheamus

-As Alberto Del Rio’s entrance begins, Ricardo Rodriguez is blindsided by Big Show who sends several vile and vicious punches to his ribcage which brought Del Rio out from the back and the two of them began to brawl down the ramp and by the ring. The match never officially getting started.-
No Contest

As Del Rio and Big Show continued to battle back and forth ’Written In My Face’ and out came The Irish Curse, Sheamus! He immediately went after The Big Show as both he and Del Rio double teamed the larger athlete, before taking him down with a huge double suplex. That seemed to be the cue as ’Here To Show The World’ hit and out came Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston. These two men were met by Del Rio and Sheamus as Big E took it too Del Rio and Sheamus managed to send Ziggler back into the corner. Langston planted Del Rio with a huge powerslam, showing off his strength, before turning his attention to attacking Sheamus. As he tugged Sheamus around he was met with several hard right hands by the Irishman, only to have Ziggler come from behind with the Zig Zag! It was at that time that ’Voices’ erupted over the loud speakers, sending the crowd into a frenzy as The Viper came sprinting from the back, heading towards the ring. He dives into the ring and instantly pops up and gets ganged up on by both Ziggler and Big Show. All the other superstars seem to be getting back to their feet as well, battling it out, as Orton manages to fight off both Big E and Dolph, before clotheslining Ziggler over the top rope. When Big E goes for his own clothesline, Orton ducks underneath before delivering a thunderous RKO! When Orton pops up to his feet he turns and is met by Sheamus who lands the Brogue Kick! He stares down at Orton with a slight grin, shrugging his shoulders a bit, only to turn around straight into the Knockout Punch by The Big Show! Everyone is laid out except Del Rio who goes right back after The Big Show, only to be pushed away and nailed with a Knockout Punch as well! Friday Night SmackDown fades off the air, The Big Show standing tall, all the other five men laid out around the ring, the commentators wondering if this will be the same outcome this Sunday.

—End Of Show—

Hopefully EC will be up by the weekend. Enjoy.

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