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Re: Swagger will win the Elimination Chamber

Kane and Daniel Bryan have no shot in hell to win. Swagger yea hes good but like many have said his character just started last night and is not ready for a WM title shot. Orton could definatly use this win and get back in the world title picture but i see him doing somthing with the Shield at WM so he wont win it. That leaves Jericho and Mark Henry. If Mark Henry wins and goes to face Del Rio it will be boring as cena fucking that porn star but it will serve a purpose at WM when Del Rio beats Mark and then Mark beats up Del Rio leading to a Ziggler cash in. Jericho winning would the best option because then the WHC match at WM would look better with him in it. Becuase say if Ziggler vs Jericho does happen at WM i feel like it should be for the WHC because then that way it gives them more time to have a better match. If they face off in a regular match i feel that they wont give them much time.

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