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Re: Anime Discusssion Thread

Originally Posted by Stall_19 View Post
I'm the other way, I prefer subs because most dubs I've heard are inferior to the Japanese voice actors. There's different kind of emotion in the voices that dubs have a hard time replicating. And I have no problem reading and looking the the animation either. I don't understand that complaint, though everyone has different reading speeds, though it could be you're not use to reading subtitles.
That's probably not my case, since I'm rather accustomed to subtitles (watched the entire Evangelion series in Japanese long before its translation, and I have no desire to see Tokyo Godfathers dubbed) I had to switch over a period of time. Especially when I started drawing seriously and had to learn to grab those minor details. It's more taking away from the visual whole that starts the tearing down and confusing for me. Then added to it the fact that registering the words and keeping pace, my eyes will start darting all over the place.

And I agree you tend to miss certain degrees of vocal emotion that is exclusive to that language/culture when its dubbed (basically the "lost in translation" effect) but at the same time I don't always miss them. Japanese voice acting tends to be... Stiff... To my ears at times, or on the "unfitting" end of things. Don't get me wrong, dubbing actors can hit the exact same issue, I'm just more used to locking in on it during subs (Spirited Away and Howl's Moving Castle as an example.)

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