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Re: Anime Discusssion Thread

Originally Posted by Gandhi View Post
-Highschool Of The Dead
I fucking hated this anime so much,I felt insulted just watching it.All the main characters were horrible,Didn't like any of them and the fact that the anime was all hentai and shit just irritated me just TOO MUCH TITS AND ASS JIGGLING in a retarded manner it became annoying even for a hetero guy like me and the nurse just fucking pisses me off.

-Legend Of Korra
I don't know if this counts as anime but whatever.I actually ranted for 30 fucking minutes on this horrible show here
I don't hate Highschool of the Dead but their lemon tits bother me. But it did have Kouta Hirano as a character which was funny to me as a Hellsing fan.

Well you should be glad to know that 3 more seasons, a total of 52 episodes, have been ordered. Originally, it was supposed to be 1 season but people wanted more. I actually didn't mind the technological advancements and setting. Amon is one of the most competent antagonists I've seen. Korra is a great foil to Aang, when not being hung up on her boyfriend troubles. Lin Beifong is as amazing as her mother and Tenzin is a lovable fuddy duddy. Yet people are way more invested in pairing characters together. That is what people did with the original series but they were also invested in the plot. It feels like the creator's are catering to them. I like Legend of Korra but ATLA is superior.

I don't hate any series and even if I did I'm probably not the target audience. I don't watch ecchi or harem (Tenchi Muyo is an exception) because that is a genre typically for guys. I'm fine with fanservice as long as it isn't on screen every thirty seconds.

But there are series I am disgusted by or would never watch:
Strike Witches, underneath the loli panty shots is some really sweet moments but not enough for me to rewatch or recommend to anyone.
Queens Blade, tits galore but it did make me laugh with the acid squirting. Stopped after the first episode.

Love Hina and Negima's character designs are unappealing to me. I hear really great things about Negima but I just have this urge to not watch it. Love Hina has that whole "loser main character that you should identify with" thing going on and I'm not going to get invested into a romance series with such plain characters. Same goes with School Rumble.

I'm also sick of hearing about Pandora Hearts, Black Bird, and Vampire Knight.

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