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Re: Anime Discusssion Thread


I think I'm among a good number of people who enjoyed the series at the beginning, who felt more and more alienated as the show progressed. It started rather well, Ichigo running around his city hunting down corrupted souls devouring other defenseless souls, as well as side characters that were really good (Chad had to be my favorite powerhouse character) but once they broke into the Soul Society, things began going down hill, like Dragon Ball series after Cell Saga down hill. Ichigo vs Ulqui-Iaint'tgonnatrytospellhisdamnname was almost the nail in the coffin for me, but I stuck around for Toshiro vs Halibel and definitely Stark.


I know I said I I liked the series up until the end of the student test arc, but really, before then there were... Flaws... Could never understand why they refused to develope the main character, while side character like Shikamaru CLEARLY outshined him. Pretty much when Orochimaru reared his annoying purple face I knew I was going to despise something...

... And fuck Sasuke.

Death Note

I HATE Death Note! A John Cena match is less predictable than Death Note! I could not stand the plot, the cast, the "strategy", can't understand the psychotic fanatasicsm with the series for the life of me much less any controversy it breeds!

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