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Re: Recommendations for live Stand-Up Comedy shows?

Originally Posted by Froot View Post
Could be on DVD, could be an album, could be one that you saw in person. Whatever the case, what are some of the best stand-up's you've ever seen/heard?


When I saw this thread I was expecting that who I would recommend would get lost in the shuffle, but as you've recommended two I would have I'm going to give it a go.

First, have you seen Kevin Bridges' new show? 'The Story Continues' I like it a lot. Pretty much a carry on from the first live DVD, and definitely worth watching.

Been watching Greg Davies a lot recently too, his DVD is Firing Cheeseballs at a Dog and when it's funny, it's hilarious. Serious overtones throughout and especially at the end, but when he's on point mate he's hilarious. The stories he tells about his parents are top notch.

My favourite comedian is Ross Noble though, and can't recommend his shows enough. For me, all of them, but if you're new to him then I would say Fizzy Logic and Unrealtime are both worth a checking out.

Lee Mack is another one who I'd recommend, both of his live DVDs are class if you watch them apart. I found the first one was massively superior when I first watched them, but after a while I now think the second one is just as funny.

Ever seen Ricky Gervais's? They're all funny throughout but some are funnier than others. Short as well so worth it for a quick watch of them all.

Other comedians I'd recommend,

Lee Evans;
Stewart Lee;
Richard Herring;

Jason Byrne is very funny as well, someone I had never heard of before his "funny eye" story on Live at the Apollo.

Actually, mentioning that, if you're looking for new stand up to watch then get onto http://www.youtube.com/results?searc...laylists&uni=3 and watch some of the shows, as I'm sure you probably have, which are mostly very funny and then anyone you enjoy, get their stand up DVDs.

Jason Manford is another big favorite of mine, and Peter Kay. Just gently humour thats sometimes very, very, very funny. Any of the Big Yin as well, leaning more towards his big era stuff, 70's-80's.

As this is a stand up comedy thread, I have an opinion I want to see if other people share; As a Englishmen, do you find a lot of American stand up comedy unfunny? Now I'm not trying to offend anyone, I know some of the greatest ever stand up comedians in Pryor and Hicks were American and I genuinely love them, but a new breed of American standups, such as Dane Cook, to me aren't funny. Am I missing something, is Dane Cook and his brethren just not funny and I'm watching the wrong comedians? I'm honestly NOT trying to turn this into anything anti-American leading to anti-brit, at all, I'm a huge fan of American comedy in television and films I've just found myself struggling to get into any American comedian of the last decade or so. I have enjoy Louis CK though, but that's because I love the TV show so I don't know whether I just enjoy him more than others because of that.

Anybody else have the same issue? And any Americans struggle to get into british Humour?
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