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Default Re: Anime Discusssion Thread

Alright folks,We named animes we loved how about we name animes we actually fucking loathed?

-Highschool Of The Dead
I fucking hated this anime so much,I felt insulted just watching it.All the main characters were horrible,Didn't like any of them and the fact that the anime was all hentai and shit just irritated me just TOO MUCH TITS AND ASS JIGGLING in a retarded manner it became annoying even for a hetero guy like me and the nurse just fucking pisses me off.

-Legend Of Korra
I don't know if this counts as anime but whatever.I actually ranted for 30 fucking minutes on this horrible show here

I started out loving this anime,Then it just kept getting worse and worse and worse and eventually I stopped watching altogether.Nniotra is literally the only guy in that anime I actually really liked,Everybody else can go fuck themselves.The amount of fanservice,cheesy jokes and slow paced plot was bored the fuck out of me and I whilst watching one of the episode "during that arc with the green haired naked girl" and I just paused the episode and I haven't watched Bleach since then.Also Aizen's fight with Ichigo was fucking bullshit.

Originally Posted by Stall_19 View Post
I don't think I liked a show as much as Death Note while hating the main character as much as Light. I hope eventually gets what's coming to him.
Light is one of those characters you can both love and despise,Whilst watching Death Note almost all viewers will notice how Light's not just "another character in anime" the guy stands out as a character and I know but but can't help but despise that vile sadistic genius.
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