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i still think they have a good chance of puting on an amazing card for WM30 if vince is willing to go all out .. and bring in big names back .. i belive he could hit the 2 mil sales ..i think he has never had this big of a chance to put on big dream matchs

1: Cm Punk vs Stone Cold 4 WWE title

( i have read that alot of people dont think this should happen but i feel as though this should .. give them 15 mins after a huge ppv and they would still go crazy for these two .. give them a solid bulid up and they could kill it )

2: (Heel Batista vs (face) Sheamus 4 WHC

( heel batista is good .. these two for a smack-down fued .. i feel would be great .. )

3: John Cena vs The Undertaker 4 the Streak

( we all know this match is a no brainer and needs to happen before taker hangs it up .. i feel cena should win this even though i hate the fucker and what he has become .. still would make a damn big match )

4: Kurt angle vs D-bryan

(kurt for me needs to have a one last match at WM .. it's amazing that last time we saw him in one was WM 22 .. he is amazing and this could be easliy be MOTN if not MOTY .. )

5: goldberg vs ryback

(Golberg comes back and says ryback is next .. shit they did it before lol i also feel as though ryback should be a heel and him winning goldberg would him look legit big)

6: The Rock vs Brock lesnar /vs HHH

( make HHH lose agian this mania and rock lose at SS and both want revenge and have them fight for who ever wants to beat the sh!t out of brock .. or just have it be rock vs brock 1st time .. that would also be huuuge)

7: Y2J & chistian vs Kane & big show 4 the tag titles

( i also wish chirstian would be bigger in the WWE but vince hates the guy .. i feel a face tag ran with jericho would be amazing .. and would give us a lot of fun moments .. vs a heel kane/big show team that beat the crap out of other teams would make for a good bulid up and put the fans behind chirstain and jericho)

8: rey vs sin cara

( rey as i have seen him lately .. he aint got much time left .. so this match needs to happen while rey still has some life left in him and give this a good 12 - 15 mins and they could kill it .. )

9: orton and some half-assed celebrity

( they always do this for some(if any) media for WM .. i think it's easier to do it with orton .. a celebrity comes and wants to promte some stupid shit .. and orton goes crazy and Rko (outa no where!)
and bulid it up and maybe have another (face) wrestler help the celebrity

that still leaves out some big names like ziggler and del rio and others but he could have a MITB match and put on some big names and there you go. 10 match card that will surely sell big time .. and sorry for some if not alot of mis-spiled words as my english isnt that good it isnt my first language

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