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Re: WWE 2013 - A New Path

February 11, 2013

Bridgestone Arena; Nashville, Tennessee

Monday Night Taw rolled into Nashville, Tennessee, the final edition of Raw until the Elimination Chamber. The crowd was electric, standing on their feet and cheering loudly as the pyrotechnics went off all around the staging area to signal the beginning of the show. IF YA SMELL… soon hit the P.A System, the crowd nearly blowing the roof off the Bridgestone Arena as the WWE Champion came storming from behind the curtain and out into sight. He clutched the title firmly in his hand, looking around at the sold-out crowd before heading down to the squared circle and entering the ring. The Rock grabbed a microphone from the outside and began to stroll around the ring, the crowd almost refusing to quiet down, cheering so loudly for the Champion. Eventually the crowd did quiet down, allowing The Rock to go into his usual catchphrases, bringing about more cheers from the Nashville crowd. He talks about being the WWE Champion and ending CM Punk’s long title reign, before talking about his rematch with the Straight Edge Superstar at the Elimination Chamber. The Rock vows to not let the WWE Universe down, he will not allow CM Punk to reclaim the WWE Championship. Just as he says that the TitanTron lights up, CM Punk appearing live via satellite. He instantly cuts The Rock off, telling him that he should not lie to the audience, because at the Elimination Chamber, CM Punk is taking back what is rightfully his. This is where The Rock cuts back in, telling CM Punk that he talks a big game for someone who isn’t even inside the arena, but that he was quite lucky, because if Punk was in the arena, The Rock would whoop his candy ass all up and down the Bridgestone Arena. Instead of angering Punk, that actually brought a slight grin to his face, Punk informing Rock that while he may not be in attendance tonight, he has a few ‘friends’ who are.


The live feed of Punk quickly shut off as the theme music for The Shield hit the P.A System, the crowd immediately turning to see the three men coming down from their usual spots. The Rock having already dropped the microphone and his WWE Title paces back and forth inside the ring, waiting, as Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns leap the barricade and begin to circle the ring. All three men climb onto the apron, the commentators almost pleading with The Rock to get out of the ring as The Shield quickly climbed inside, The Rock bolting straight for Rollins and nailing him with a few good right hands, but eventually being beaten down by the three men, the numbers game just too much. Ambrose and Rollins picking the Champion up and placing him into the waiting grasp of Reigns, the three men sending him crashing down with the Triple Powerbomb! The Shield stood tall over the fallen WWE Champion as suddenly the crowd began to cheer seeing Kofi Kingston, Rey Mysterio and The Miz sprinting toward the squared circle. As soon as they hit the ring The Shield exited, quickly leaping the barricade and heading up the aisle way, the three men inside the ring checking on The Rock as Raw went to a commercial break.

—Commercial Break—

Opening Contest – Singles Match
Shelton Benjamin vs. William Regal

-The crowd was still reeling from The Shield’s assault on the WWE Champion, but they were in for a technical display in the opening contest. Both Shelton and Regal traded arm locks, Benjamin using his speed and athleticism to arm drag Regal before landing a huge dropkick. From there, Shelton took control and grounded the seasoned veteran only to see Regal eventually gain the upper hand before brawling with Shelton in the corner. He blasted him with several stiff right hands before showing off his own technical prowess, keeping the athletic Benjamin on the canvas for a couple of minutes. In the end it was Shelton who fired back, ducked an attempt by Regal, before landing the Exploder Suplex and covering the Englishman, getting the three!-
Winner – Shelton Benjamin

Shelton had his hand raised in victory, the crowd standing on their feet clapping as they saw how hard Benjamin fought to secure this victory. Backstage, the United States Champion is standing by with Josh Matthews, who asks him if it’s even sunk in yet that he is the US Champion? Woods flashed a big smile, clearly excited to be holding the title, telling Josh that it has sunk in, but it’s still a great feeling to come in on your debut and win a title as prestigious as the United States Title. When asked about having to defend it at the upcoming pay per view against the former title holder, a dangerous opponent, in Antonio Cesaro, Xavier Woods had strong words for Cesaro, giving him praise for all he had accomplished, but said he was going to go into the Elimination Chamber with nothing to lose and he would come out the same way he went in, the United States Champion.

—Video Package Hyping the Elimination Chamber Pay Per View—

A quick live shot of John Cena arriving as the Bridgestone Arena, the commentators plugging how he will address the whole Shane McMahon, Kurt Angle situation for the first time later on in the show.

—Commercial Break—

Match Two – Singles Match
Ted DiBiase vs. Yoshi Tatsu

-The Japanese superstar didn’t really seem to have much of a chance throughout this contest with DiBiase, who showed off his wide-variety of skills inside the ring. If Tatsu began to mount any sort of offense, it was immediately shut down by DiBiase, whether it was by his patented run-by clothesline, or a beautiful standing dropkick. Finally, Yoshi was dragged to his feet and locked into the Million Dollar Dream! DiBiase violently yanked him back and forth, the referee checking on Tatsu before realizing he was out and called for the bell!-
Winner – Ted DiBiase

As the bell sounded, DiBiase slung Tatsu to the ground harshly, staring angrily down towards him before demanding a microphone. DiBiase told everyone that he had been blessed, rather fortunate, to be born into the DiBiase family. His father is a Hall of Famer, which means his family name is wrestling royalty. However, there was something missing and that was the fact that his father never managed to become the WWE Champion. Ted said that, with the help of his father, soon he would be able to add that accomplishment to the DiBiase Family Legacy and make sure that the name DiBiase would go down in history as the greatest wrestling family.

The cameras cut backstage as medical personnel were checking on The Rock. Vince McMahon looked on, concerned and angered about what happened, saying that something had to be done about The Shield. That's when The Rock stopped him and demanded that he give The Rock a match with The Shield…tonight! Vince said there was no way he was going to place the WWE Champion in a Three on One Handicap Match this close to a title defense, but did like where The Rock’s head was at. Vince then announced that tonight, to really get everyone excited about not only The Rock’s return to action on cable television, but also the Elimination Chamber, he was going to have The Rock go one on one with Dean Ambrose in a Lumberjack Match! The Lumberjacks surrounding the ring being the seven participants in Raw’s Elimination Chamber!

Before the start of the Diva’s Battle Royal, it was announced that the winner of the match would receive a Diva’s Title Shot in the future and out came the WWE Diva’s Champion for the start of the match.

Match Three – Number One Contendership - Diva’s Battle Royal
Every Current WWE Diva

-Every WWE Diva was already standing inside the squared circle, the WWE Diva’s Champion, Kaitlyn, on the outside doing commentary for the match, as well as scouting her potential opponent. As the bell sounded the nine divas all went after one another, dispersing into small groups all around the ring as they tried to eliminate each other for that all important shot at capturing the Diva’s Title down the line. The first lady to be eliminated was Naomi, as Tamina dumped her over the top rope and soon after was Cameron, who tried to come to her aid but also was sent packing. Tamina looked dominant in the early going and the other divas knew that, which is why they took it upon themselves to gang up on the larger woman, but weren’t able to eliminate her and eventually went on to each other. The next to go was Rosa, who was eliminated by Layla, followed by Aksana, who was eliminated by Alicia Fox. This left AJ Lee, Alicia Fox, Layla, Natalya & Tamina as the final five, but eventually it was dropped down when Layla managed to eliminate Tamina, to the surprise of everyone, followed by Alicia Fox eliminating herself, when Layla avoided her attack, seeing her fly over the top rope! AJ Lee then proceeded to take it to Layla in the corner, assaulting her with various punches and stomps before turning around and being clotheslined by Natalya! The finish of the match saw Layla dropkick Natalya over the top rope, eliminating her, but as she got up was dumped over herself, AJ Lee managing to be the last diva standing!-
Winner – AJ Lee

She looked around with that sinister smile, admiring her work as Layla sat up looking around disappointed at coming up just short. AJ Lee then turned her attention towards the WWE Diva’s Champion, who stood up from the announcer’s desk, the two women giving each other a stare-down. It was AJ Lee who broke the stare first, skipping to the far side of the ring and exiting, before skipping up the rampway as the cameras faded to commercial.

—Commercial Break—

Back inside the arena My Time Is Now hit the P.A System as out walked John Cena. He glanced around, looking all business tonight before heading down towards the ring and climbing inside. The crowd quickly quieted down, noticing the different demeanor that Cena had as he grabbed a microphone and his music cut off. John Cena began by telling everyone that at the Royal Rumble, while it could’ve very easily got differently, he feels he was screwed out of his opportunity to headline WrestleMania. Fast forward to the next night on Raw and John Cena was given another chance to potentially earn a shot at becoming WWE Champion and that too was taken away from him. He said while it would’ve been a monumental task to take all The Shield, he has overcome big odds like that before and then came the announcement that all along Shane McMahon and Kurt Angle were behind all of it. Cena talks about how Shane said he wanted to light a fire under Cena, before looking straight forward and telling Shane McMahon that he has succeeded. A fire has been lit in John Cena and at the Elimination Chamber he plans on taking every ounce of frustration out on Shane McMahon until he truly understands what he has cost John Cena!

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman were shown backstage with Matt Striker, who tried to ask Brock about his recent dominant run in the WWE since returning at the Royal Rumble. It was Paul Heyman who cut him off, telling Matt that as Brock Lesnar’s advisor and manager, any and all questions would be answered by Paul Heyman. As for the question itself, Heyman informed Striker that Brock Lesnar has returned to the WWE with a vengeance because it’s just what he does. When he first arrived in the WWE he was the most talked about and most dominant superstar in the company and this time is no different. Heyman said that Brock Lesnar will walk into the Elimination Chamber, face all the punishment, all the absolute hell that that structure can bring and he will walk out victorious having proven a point and left his mark, plain and simple.

Match Four – Tag Team Match
Antonio Cesaro & Brodus Clay vs. Rey Mysterio & Xavier Woods

-The make-shift team of Cesaro and Clay had the definite size advantage, but early on it was the speed and quickness of both Mysterio and Woods that gave them problems. Each man used several high-risk moves to send their opponents reeling and when both men went to the outside, Woods and Mysterio went right after them, landing huge springboard planchas to the delight of the crowd. Once everything was settled back down, it was Brodus Clay who gained the offense for his team, catching Mysterio’s aerial attempt and sending him crashing to the canvas violently. From there, Clay used his brute size and strength to wear down the high-flyer, before tagging in Cesaro who proceeded to continue to keep Mysterio grounded. Once Xavier Woods was tagged in, the momentum changed, Woods knocking both Cesaro and Clay back, before managing to dropkick Clay through the ring ropes and to the floor, only to have Cesaro nearly take his head off with a clothesline! The crowd was on the edge of its seats throughout the contest, as one nearfall after another happened, each one seemingly closer than the last. The end of the match saw Xavier Woods take out Cesaro on the outside with a Suicide Dive, leaving Mysterio inside the ring with Clay. He dropkicked the large superstar into the ropes before connecting with the 619 this sent Clay stumbling back and as Rey springboarded in, he was caught in mid-air by Clay! Brodus quickly delivered a thunderous G-Grip before making the pin attempt and getting the three count!-
Winners – Antonio Cesaro & Brodus Clay

Cesaro and Clay slowly backed up the rampway, neither man really celebrating as Woods crawled back into the ring to check on the still down and out Mysterio. The cameras faded to another commercial break, but not before the commentators plugged how coming up next was Miz TV, the guests being all six members of Raw’s Elimination Chamber.

—Commercial Break—

The leather couches and production chairs have been set up inside the ring, the Miz TV logo is hanging down as ‘I Came To Play’ cane be heard over the speakers, The Miz sitting down in one of the chairs to a loud ovation from the crowd. He starts by welcoming everyone to the most must-see television experience in all of professional wrestling, Miz TV. The Miz doesn’t want to waste any more time and out comes the Raw Elimination Chamber participants one by one, to the respective reactions from the crowd. The Shield brought all three members down and they were hesitant to step inside the squared circle, but eventually did so and Mysterio seemed to still be feeling the effects from his match just minutes ago. With everyone inside the ring, The Miz says that he feels it’s a good time for everyone to say a few words as to why they feel they will win the Elimination Chamber match this Sunday. Nobody really seems too eager to talk, all still cagey towards one another as finally it’s Rey Mysterio who grabs the microphone first. He tells everyone that his entire career, he’s been the under-dog, the one that is over-looked and he has accomplished the most because he works the hardest. He says that this Sunday will be no different, as he will out work everyone here and be victorious. Then it’s Clays turn to speak, he gives an evil grin and a slight chuckle, telling Mysterio that he doesn’t stand a chance and that it will be Brodus Clay who stands victorious, because nobody has looked better than he has in recent weeks. Clay then turns towards Lesnar, the two men having a stare-down, before Clay again says, Nobody! One by one they all talk, Kofi saying he has had these kinds of chances in the past and knows what to expect and there’s no telling if this will be his last opportunity or not. Neither Lesnar nor The Shield talk, they just stand back and watch the others speak as The Miz goes last, a smug look on his face as he asks ‘Really?’, several times, before telling the group that he has done it all in this business, but the one thing he wants more than anything is to reclaim the WWE Title and with a win at the Elimination Chamber, he can do just that. Before he can continue any further…


Every head turned towards the entrance way, the crowd exploding with cheers as the WWE Champion once again comes storming from the backstage area. All the men inside the ring slowly exit, The Rock pacing back and forth on the staging area, staring with a stern face down toward the ringside area, no doubt towards the three members of The Shield. The commentators plug that The Rock will take on Dean Ambrose when Raw returns LIVE from the commercial break.

—Commercial Break—

Main Event – Lumberjack Match – Singles Match
Dean Ambrose vs. The Rock

-Once back from the commercial break the two men locked up in the middle of the ring, The Rock gaining the upper-hand and belting Ambrose with several stiff right hands in the corner. Ambrose tried to flee but as soon as he went to the outside he realized he was surrounded by other superstars and instantly rolled back into the ring, into the waiting arms of The Rock who delivered a huge belly to belly suplex. The Rock continued to take the fight to Ambrose, only to stopped dead in his tracks by a knee to his mid-section. To stop the Brahma Bull from continuing, Ambrose quickly dumped him over the top rope, right in front of the other members of The Shield who took it upon themselves to stomp and pound away at the WWE Champion. Kingston and Miz managed to lift The Rock back up and roll him back into the ring, tensions running high on the outside as it seemed like a powder-keg waiting to explode. Once inside, The Rock continued to be assaulted by the waiting Ambrose, who looked rather strong going one on one with the WWE Champion. Each time he tried to mount a comeback, Dean managed to stop him dead in his tracks and go back to work on any body part he could do damage to. The Rock soon went back on the offensive and this time it was Ambrose who was tossed to the outside and assaulted by the superstars near ringside to the delight of the crowd, when The Shield intervened and rolled him back in out of harms way, tempers continued to flare as words were exchanged on the outside. Meanwhile, back inside the squared circle, the action continued back and forth from both men, Ambrose coming close on a couple of occasions to pinning the WWE Champion, but in the end The Rock managed to deliver the Rock Bottom and cover Ambrose to get the victory!-
Winner – The Rock

As soon as the three was counted, Rollins and Reigns hit the ring and began to assault the WWE Champion again, only this time the rest of the men standing on the outside joined inside the ring, waging an all-out brawl. The Rock managed to roll out of the ring, away from all the fighting, the commentators going into a frenzy at all the brawling that was going on inside the squared circle. Monday Night Raw faded off the air, no superstar gaining a true edge heading into Sunday’s Elimination Chamber match.

—End of Show—

I decided to do full shows after the EC PPV. Enjoy and feedback is always welcomed

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