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Re: Being the booker

Sorry for the double post but here is the raw review as promised Wolfy.

No opening video package? No pyros? Your starting to get as cheap as the WWE wolfy. Anyway we kick off the show with the Nature Boy, looks like he is here to trash Foley. Well done with the video package on Foley, it’s an effective way to build a fued and made me realise how much Foley has been through in his career. Finaly the new general manager gets onto buisness, Mysterio vs. Batista for the Intercontinental Championship will be off the charts knowing you. Carlito, Rhyno and A Train vs. Eugene in a handicapped match! I think you might put Eugene over here! Funny line from Flair when he said handicapped match, no pun intended, lol. DX in your thread are kind of like Evolution a few years back, they dominate. Good for Flair, the match stands and we have Cena one on one with RVD later on.

Victoria picks up the win against Lita with what in my opinion is the deadliest move in Women’s wrestling. You made her seem like a phycho bitch at the end too so well done and a fued between the two would be different, you said it JR, Victoria is going loopy.

Batista is enraged! He takes care of Sting before absolutly destroying Mysterio only to lose after an opportunistic hurricarana pin! Great booking with Batista losing but still looking strong, and Mysterio is still champ.

Benjamin/Hass vs. the DX Duo at Armageddon looks promising, very good tag division you have on Raw wolfy. Ohh, keep us guessing on the stipulation, why don’t you.

Haas pins Jindrak with the STO but more importantly picks up the win in an intriguing six man tag team contest. Hopefully the challengers take the tag team belts from DX at Armageddon,

Very well written promo between the two last competitors on each team at Survivor Series. Orton thinks it just wasn’t to be for Foley, what a load of crap, he couldn’t get the job done. Exellent use of Orton’s character, cocky but still a face. Christian delivers some comedy lines, little huse of the prairie, lol. Wow, Captain Charisma is coming down hard with the pay outs until Orton delivers a CLB pay out of his own. The Legend Killer has and enough and three letters end it, RKO! I am almost certain these two will take the ring at Armageddon.

Impressive win for Mr. Kennedy… Kennedy! Roadkill isn’t the greatest of competitors to make an impact so I hope you put the man in some proper fueds in the near future.

Victoria is mental and looks like Victoria will be taking the title from Trish Stratus very soon, maybe at Armageddon? The fued has been done way too many times so lets hope you can make it different and more meaningful.

Eugene gets the hell beaten out on him before Carlito gets the pin! And it will be Carlito vesus Eugene with the winner facing Mysterio at Armageddon next week, great booking all round.

Well written main event, with some good spots. I thought it was over when Cena hit the FU but Michaels sacrificed the referee to save the match up. Nice ending with the equation differeing at the last moment and Alfonso helps Cena to pick up the important victory. This has the potential to be a blockbuster fued but not for a while yet seem you have Michaels and Cena planned for the near future. Cena stands tall to end the show!

Overall, entertaining show with some good advancements being made towards Armageddon. The Michaels/Cena fued is coming along well and the Intercontinental Championship scene is great. 9/10 Exellent job!
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