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Re: TV SHOW discussion thread (NO FUCKING SPOILERS please)

Originally Posted by scrilla View Post
i finished the whole season earlier today. for some reason i hated episode 8, but i'd say i thoroughly enjoyed everything else. Spacey was the obvious standout and he was phenomenal, but i really enjoyed Corey Stoll's character. also enjoyed how all of the female characters weren't completely unlikable morons as seems to be the case with a lot of dramas today. i can see an argument for hating Claire though.

also really enjoyed Remy. reminded me of DOAKES for some reason. that's probably racist oh well.

i came in not expecting a whole lot and came out having enjoyed myself greatly. look forward to a season 2 assuming they release one. like i said my only real major complaint would be the eighth episode which really sucked. they probably could've taken out whatever was important and wasn't filler and cut the season down to 12 episodes. just felt like an unnecessary episode although a guess an argument for character development could be made.

not sure how i felt about the breaking the 4th wall thing either. Spacey makes it work though.

Funny you should mention Doakes. Kevin Spacey's character reminds me a lot of Dexter Morgan despite them having different motivations, methods and vices, the 4th wall stuff is reminiscent of Dex's inner dialogue. Usually i'm not really a fan of the zoom in camera stuff, but in this show it works surprisingly well.

Yeah I get what you mean with the female characters, this is is probably going to go up there with Homeland as a show with strong female leads. Loving Robin Wright and Kristen Connolly's characters so far.

They'll probably have it renewed for another season. The show has gotten critical acclaim, and Netflix poured a shitload of money into the project. Netflix is surely pissing off cable networks by having this thing exclusive, so don't be surprised if the show loses it's exclusivity eventually. I'm digging having it there though, all the episodes from the first season were dropped at the same time. That's awesome.

So, apparently the next two episodes i'm about to watch are directed by Joel Schumacher. Not sure why, but that name being associated to the project is scaring the fuck out of me.

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