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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Yeah1993 View Post
I'd add these

v Michaels 5/13/96 (honestly, I'd say this is maybe a top 3 HHH/Michaels match)
v Michaels 12/25/97 (*****, top 10 all time)
w/Benoit v Rock/Jericho 4/24/00
v Jericho 6/12/00 (prob the one you were talking about, and better than the Dusty finish "title switch" - I don't remember the Benoit match, but I want to see it.)
v Rock v Angle 6/26/00 (smokes the SummerSlam match and is just really, really fun. One of my favourite 3-ways in WWE ever. Maybe my favourite)
That Jeff Hardy upset in 2001 (IDK date)

They aren't 'top 100 etc' material, but they need some more loving and are way better than a lot of HHH's big PPV matches.
I LEGIT THOUGHT I HAD THAT ONE ON THERE. WTF.... GAME'S first real good match in the WWF after practically a year of squashes, Henry Godwinn, Duke Drose, and Marc Mero


JD 02 vs Chris Jericho (HIAC)
SS 02 vs Shawn Michaels (Unsanctioned)
UNF 02 vs Rob Van Dam
SS 02 vs Booker T vs Rob Van Dam vs Shawn Michaels vs Kane vs Chris Jericho (Chamber)
WM XIX vs Booker T
29/12/03 RAW vs Shawn Michaels
WM XX vs Chris Benoit vs Shawn Michaels
29/03/04 RAW vs Shelton Benjamin
12/04/04 RAW W/Evolution vs HBK/Foley/Benoit/Benjamin
BL 04 vs Chris Benoit vs Shawn Michaels
26/07/04 vs Chris Benoit (Ironman)
SS 04 vs Eugene
SS 04 W/Batista/Edge/Snitsky vs Benoit/Orton/Jericho/Maven
29/11/04 RAW vs Chris Benoit vs Edge
NYR 05 vs Batista vs Jericho vs Benoit vs Orton vs Edge (Chamber)
RR 05 vs Randy Orton
04/02/05 RAW vs Edge
14/03/05 RAW vs Chris Benoit

AGAIN, these are only the ESSENTIAL matches ; There's a shit ton of matches that aren't as high on STARZ but still awesome like the 03 Flair match on RAW, 04 Tajiri match on RAW, and a TON of RAW Evolution tags that fucking rocked and that I would put on a personal Triple H comp (which, is somebody was ever willing to make for me with his best TV matches I'd probably for over a good 60-80 bucks to purchase it since I practically own all of his PPV matches). RAWK , I knew you were looking for what's GOOD and not FUN, so that's why I listed these matches with two more mini lists to go.

Then you'll have all THE GAME you need :jpl

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